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domingo, agosto 22, 2004

Bad News, very Bad ones... *Broken Hearted*

Poor, poor me!
There are days when things go alright; the sun shines, the birds fly... even the stars seem closer for you to reach them. But other days, stormy clouds fill the sky letting heavy drops of rain fall over you, washing all feelings of hope and happiness away, your goals seem so far away that they become impossible to reach.

Today it was one of the second type. I woke up with sun shining over my head and had some kind of strange feeling inside of me... as if I knew something was about to happen. So I went on with my day, not knowing how dreadful it would become. Everything went apparently fine, except for the fact that my father's car was under maintenance and I wouldn't be able to go to the "school festival" (a.k.a. Kermesse) of another school. I took it easy and let everything happen as it should have: we bought some stuff at the supermarket and went back home.

I spent part of the afternoon in front of my computer downloading stuff and chatting, my computer froze twice, and then she went online. I thought it would just be another normal conversation, but instead I got bad news (for me). I saw this coming, I knew this would happen, but what could I do?: She and Alfredo got "tied up".

I'm glad it was her who told me, otherwise, I wouldn't have believed it. The news really shocked me. I still can't assimilate it: a part of me refuses to believe what I just read, and another part tells me to move on and get over it. I don't know what to think, what to do or what to say. I don't know whether to cry or to laugh, to forget or strike back. Everything happened too fast.

Bueno, a veces se gana y a veces se pierde. De todos modos, ya era hora para que la nube rosada sobre la que estaba se rompiese... ahora estoy cayendo en un vacio tan profundo, esperando en algun momento poderme aferrar a algun otro sueño que me de esperanzas y razones para creer en esa tonta cosa que tanto anhelamos todos...

So I'm Broken Hearted again. The story ends this way: the princess leaves with the prince, the ogre is sent back to the cold mountains and they all, except for the ogre, live happily ever after. The ogre's heart slowly freezes, leaving place for the dark soul that once inhabited it to take over again. The feelings of not wanting to be in love again return him. Silently, while a round teardrop rolls down his face to become a pearl of ice on his chin, he puts all those wonderful feelings he once had in a small wooden chest, and places it near his heart, so that he can retrieve them when he falls for someone again...
There's no need to explain who plays each character.

What more could I ask for? At least she will be happy...
As many people told me, there are many fish in the sea, and suffering for something that never was, it's not worth spilling my heart for.

Anyways, tomorrow it's a different day.