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miércoles, agosto 11, 2004

Career Advice (Sounds like a Harry Potter chapter, doesn't it ;-) )

What could make Wednesdays better than they already are? No classes, of course! Today we played soccer both of the Sport hours. Then we had 15 minutes of Biology class, because then came the psychologist to give us some kind of Career Advice. We spent the rest of our school day filling tests and questionnaires. At the beginning they were fun, but then it became so tedious!!! Well, we didn't have any classes (I missed Computers class, which was the only thing I didn't like).

Anyways, tomorrow is the last day of this term, so we will be having two weeks vacation! But... we won't be able to enjoy them, as we will be studying so hard for the Sprachdiplom our eyes will bleed! Well, who knows if it's really that hard, or if they are just exaggerating when they say this exam is that hard. We will find out soon...