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martes, agosto 10, 2004

A crappy day

What a crap of day was today! Everything seemed to be fine, until 12:45.
As predicted, our Literature (Spanish) came up with a very childish reaction: he just shut the door, didn't let the ones who where late in, and make us do a Test (Lesson). The questions weren't hard, but the problem was that we didn't expect him to take revenge in that way, so we weren't prepared!

When I thought that things couldn't go any worse, I found out that someone took my "Comercio" notebook. We were supposed to finish a work today, but as this dumbass thinks it is funny to take my things, I couldn't. Well, at least I've got until tomorrow to find it, which is mostly improbable. Tomorrow I will request the whole class to give me back my notebook and hope this works. If I have to find out by myself, when I do so, I will yell the shit out of the asshole who had the consideration to hide it when I most needed it. Yes, I'm an angry boy.

Another thing that makes me angry is that I was woken up from my power nap. Since then, I've been yelling at everyone who has disturbed me.

Now, back to her, I've decided to give up slowly. I mean, day by day this fight seems more and more senseless, pointless and useless. Some things seem not to be meant to work.... maybe this is one of them, and I have my reasons to believe this. However, I can't deny I have learned a lot from this, up to now, senseless chase. I have lost some of my fear to express my feelings and I have improved in trying to get a conversation to keep going. But the most important I've learned (once more) and will probably forget in a few weeks, is that love is not always as happy as shown in the movies.