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jueves, agosto 26, 2004

Evolution or Mutation

As you may see, I haven't been posting as frequently as before. I apologize for that, but now I have loads of stuff to do: I have an approaching Sprachdiplom, I have a computer to build, some emails and photos to send...

Yesterday was sort of a funny day. We kept talking stupid stuff in German classes, and Alfredo and I had to do a "Strafarbeit" (a punishment-work). Alfredo invented a new gramatic rule called "the rule of the Castle" (a paralelism to "the rule of the Comb") and kept claiming it existed. I asked if some funny children song evolved or mutated (she began with the topic at the beginning of the class). I can't deny it was funny, but I had to write some boring text, which she didn't even remember of today!

Well, today I'm just posting to tell everyone I'm starting a new chapter of this Blog. And therefore, I need to put a name to this chapter of it. See it all on my next post!