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martes, agosto 17, 2004

Exploring the Dark Side of the Force

Today it was just another common day... got up, went to classes, came back, had lunch, etc.

I'm having right now a conversation with Tania. We are talking about bad stuff we have done.
I haven't got much to tell; as most of the people that know me already know, I have mostly belonged to the Light side of The Force. I've never been (well, almost never) the Bad guy of the movie, but I have also had my dark times. I don't usually do the bad stuff, but I give the technology so that it can be done (Muahaha) and I come clean out of whatever ever happens.

I also got to know more about her. She told me about things that make her sad, and I listened to her. Sometimes people just need to be listened at so that they have someone that knows what their problems are (that's also one of the intentions of my blog's). I learned a lot about her and I guess she also picked up the most useful stuff of all I typed.

After quite a long talk, we said good bye and went to bed. Although the topics were sad ones, I'm feeling good because I talked to her (back to the pink clouds... poor me!)