My Story

lunes, agosto 16, 2004

The Gig is up!

This is an angry post. I'm tired of all this nonsense. I'm sick of fighting for nothing. I give up, I throw the towel. No more day dreaming, no more! This being-in-love-but-still-alone thing Sucks!

I finally open my eyes and see the truth about this silly thing I've been living during the last few months. It really hurts me to have to leave this, but this is the best for me. If I let this feeling leave deeper roots in me, it will be more painful, so better pull it out before it's impossible.

Someone once told me to forget this if it doesn't work, but I hoped something special to happen. But I just couldn't listen to all that righteous talk. Now that I see no cards left to play, I quit. I see no reason to continue with this, so why do so?

Anyways, as a friend of mine told me, there are many fish in the sea, to what I must add that the fisherman is young, the bait is good, and the weather is perfect, so why worrying?

"Yeah, there's a hole in my soul, but one thing I've learned: for every love letter written, there's another one burnt." Aerosmith

I will always remember that the best swords are forged in the heat, strike by strike, hit by hit.
I will always remember you as long as you remember me.

Will this be the End of something that hasn't even began?