My Story

lunes, agosto 23, 2004

It's a New Day

Today I woke up with the sun shining in my face. I feel like new; everything will be different now that I have something less to worry about.

Everything happened like a normal day, I went to that German course and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing other stuff like writing emails or studying. I felt a bit awkward when I had to see Alfredo again at the German course; some part of me was about to yell at him and another part of me felt like wanting peace. Right now I just had a conversation with her again. We were like discussing if I overreacted or if it was her fault because of not having told me anything before. I wished her good luck and accepted defeat with honor. I tried to force the conversation into another topic but it didn't really worked. She insist she still wants me as a friend, and that's she still cares for me (as a friend) a lot. She doesn't want things to change, but that's something out of our hands. I mean, it's absolutely human: people tend to reject whatever has harmed them. If you eat some bad guacamole and can't stop shitting, I don't think you would enjoy guacamole as much as you did before. It's the same with this stuff: you hurted me, I won't really enjoy being friends with you again, at least for some time. I'm sorry, but I can't do anything for that; only time will tell if things will go back to what they were before all this stuff.

One thing I learned, was never to bet more than what I could afford to loose, and I can afford a lot!

Anyways, I recover fast from whatever that happens to me, so getting over this, won't be harder than trying to tie my shoelaces without looking at them. By the end of the day most things will get back to "normal".