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viernes, agosto 13, 2004

It's Vacation Time!

Friday, the last day of the "week". Yesterday I couldn't post because I was busy. Right after school, I went to a friend's house, where we met with some other friends and went to the movies. We watched "King Arthur" (Keira Knightley is HOT!) and had a lot of fun playing video games. I liked the movie. It told another version of the King Arthur story, in which Arthur is part roman and fights for the empire. Merlin the wizard isn't the classical old, long-bearded man with a pointed hat, but an old scruffy tattooed man who, in my opinion, isn't that magically powerful. I really enjoyed the fight scenes and I found some of the strategies used by Arthur interesting.

At night, I logged on my messenger to check some emails and there was she again. We had a short conversation about what we had done that day, and guess what: she actually went out with Alfredo (and some other friends). I don't know what she might want to tell me, but she asked me if I was jealous and told me he bought the tickets, but whatever she meant, it came like a cold slap in the face. I answered "Yes and No". I didn't really want to talk about that; I mean, wouldn't it be obvious that If someone fancies another someone, then the first someone wouldn't feel really good with the idea of that someone he fancies hanging out with a third person. Anyways, that conversation didn't last long, we went on to another topic and I was eventually too sleepy to continue, so I said "bye bye" and went to bed. I haven't got much hopes in this to work anyways, so why not let her be happy with whoever she wants to be happy with? Myself, I'm placing the hopes I took from this in something/someone else... ;-)

Today I woke up and I had my second dream about my lost notebook, aint that funny? First I dreamed of it hidden in the ceiling panels of my classroom (I went to check and too bad it wasn't there :S), and yesterday I dreamed of it being back in my locker! No matter when I find it, I'm sure someday it will reappear; but I can't just sit there and wait for that day to come, so I will start with a new one. But that will have to wait, 'cause...

...It's Vacation Time!