My Story

lunes, agosto 16, 2004

Monday... Argh!!

Today I woke up with no sun shining in my face. It was a cloudy and grey day. I hurried downstairs because I had to make some phone calls, so that I could take part of a preparation course for the approaching Sprachdiplom. After a few phone calls, two 2 dollar taxi rides and a boring wait, I was finally appointed for this course. Without even having time to have decent lunch, I had to hurry again so that I wouldn't miss this class, which after all, wasn't really interesting. However, I had to pay attention, as there's a whole bunch of this German stuff I don't know.

Now, after my power-nap, I'm back in my computer, which is so old it froze twice before I was able to connect to the internet and start writing this post.

Today is my first day back from the pink clouds. It doesn't seem to be that bad to not-be-in-love, except for Tania writing at me saying I was some kind of liar and that I never told her anything, which is obviously wrong: she knows more of me than any other person you can think of. I still care for her, I still see her as a friend, but the glow in my eyes when I think of her will have to vanish.

I hope that when she reads this post, she doesn't get angry at me. All I have to say is "I'm sorry". I'm sorry for being such a fool, I'm sorry for failing you, I'm sorry for not being able to help you when you were sad, I'm sorry for believing, I'm sorry for falling... But I believe it's over now.