My Story

miércoles, agosto 18, 2004


Wednesday... even out of school it's still an excellent day!
Today, after going to German class, I had a "Piscinazo!" (some kind of Pool Party) at a friends house. German class wasn't that bad, as our teacher was ill and we got a substitute teacher. Our class wasn't that boring and right after that, I went walking with two friends of mine to the Piscinazo. On the way we got a few slices of pizza to eat. When we arrived, we were almost the first ones there: some other friends of Pablo (the host) were there including Tania.

The Piscinazo began cold, and it didn't really warm up. By the time I left, less than the half of the people that went there had gotten into the pool, and the other was absolutely dry.

Anyway, that's not the main point of my post.

It's incredible how me and Tania can be really good friends on the Messenger, but when we are only a few meters away, it's like we have never seen each other; and I blame myself for not being able to start a conversation with her in spite of being just steps away from her. I'm like too dumb or too shy to go and talk to her. I wish I could have a long, non depressing and interesting conversation with anyone I wanted to whenever I wanted to.

I left the party around 17:45 and went back home. Some relatives I didn't even know of were visiting us and will stay until Saturday. I got a shower and got ready to go out for dinner. There is not much interesting to write about the visit so I'll just omit that part.

Now I'm back home, it's midnight and I'm still writing this post. Tania wrote an SMS saying she wouldn't be able to be online, so I think I'll just go to bed and sleep.

To Everyone: I will now occasionally post in Spanish when I'm in the mood to.