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viernes, agosto 13, 2004

Right now had a conversation with Tania

Two posts in the same day, not bad huh?

I just chatted with Tania. It was nothing special, but I feel the need of posting this in my blog. She still wanted to know why I could be a bit jealous of whatever happened yesterday, so after a whole bunch of nonsense I wrote as an explanation, I told her it would be too complicated to explain and that I was writing it all down here in my blog. She seemed really interested and wanted to read this. I told her to wait a bit more, and then I would let her read this. So, I had to promise I would let her read someday after our Sprachdiplom exams. Do you think I will keep that promise? (NO! Muahahahaha) Just kidding, I almost always keep my promises...

I'm confused: she seems interested in me, but she sometimes shows herself not interested... if she just knew now how I feel about her! Well, I expect to get over this thing soon, as insecurity and doubt is slowly killing me inside and I will have a lot of time for things like love in the future.

I know that someday you (Tania) will be reading these lines, and I just want you to know that I really really liked you, that I will be your friend as long as you are mine and that I'll never forget the blue-eyed girl who used to be on someone else's msn account ;-)