My Story

domingo, agosto 15, 2004


Today my mom decided to do some kind of spring cleaning... we've been turning the house upside down the whole morning trying to add order to all the stuff that has been laying around. It isn't that bad; after all, we are supposed to feel more comfortable in a clean and tidy place.

I want to tell you about what happened yesterday, as I wasn't able to post anything last night. Well, I made a deal with my father and agreed to help him at the store on Saturday mornings; in exchange, I would get a better cell phone plan with more minutes and messages. I think this one has been the best deal I've done up to now: there isn't much to do at my dad's workplace and I need the messages more than I've ever done before. In the afternoon, after a quick nap, I logged on my Messenger and found her online. We talked about many different things, including her having a headache and feeling dizzy. She told me she hasn't been feeling ok for some time now, and that she often had headaches. I began to worry immediately, as I know many extremely bad things begin with just a headache, and she has often had headaches. So I asked if she had already seen the doctor. She said she already had, and that she has refused to do those examinations she was told to do. In the following 10 minutes, I tried to convince her to do these examinations to see what exactly her problem was, but it was no use, as she wouldn't listen. She made me promise not to tell anyone about her problem, since she didn't want anyone to worry about this (and probably see her like some kind of weirdo). I'm not breaking any promise when I write this blog... I promised not to tell anyone, but I didn't say anything about writing it! I really care about her and I would never let anything bad happen to her, but I can't obligate her to do something, so talking to her and hoping she does those exams is all I can do.

Later that day, I went to buy the pair of Converse I've been wanting since my birthday and then went back home for dinner. My sister also got a pink pair of shoes. As it always happens, she is regretting now having bought them, but there's nothing to worry about; she'll be ok with them in a few days.

Evening was a bit more interesting. Tania wrote some SMS to me from her father's cell phone. She was at a meeting of some friend I didn't know, and she was a bit sad. I asked her why, and she said she was so lonely. Trying to find out what exactly the problem was, was useless, as she didn't even know what exactly her problem was. Whatever it is, knowing she feels down makes me feel down too. I think I found out she is some kind of depressive person, but it doesn't matter; sometimes I also feel lonely for no apparent reason. So after a brief 2 minute phone call, in which only pointless stuff was said, we both decided to hang up and do something different. She told me to call in 5 minutes, but instead, I wrote her a SMS telling her that there's a whole bunch of people who love her and care for her, no matter how different it seems to be, that she would always have my support, and that she's loved. Then I finished watching A Knight's Tale and went to bed.

That's how Saturday has been. Now I'm waiting for my parents to finish with their cleaning so that we can go out and do something interesting in what's left of the day.