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domingo, agosto 08, 2004

What's best: Getting Over or Keeping Trying?

Today it has been a great day, I watched Shrek 2 and had a lot of fun. Yesterday I watched "50 first dates" (another movie by Adam Sandler) and laughed a lot, which is cool because I need to release my stress. I love this kind of comedies, but sometimes they make me feel sad, because of what I'm going trough.

I just had a little chat online with her. I don't know what it could mean, but she said: "haha, you know, a friend of mine just wrote he was jealous from seeing me with Alfredo that whole time in yesterdays party". I said to myself, I would also be jealous if I had seen that happened, but thanks for telling me anyways, but I wrote: "haha" I don't know if that was foolish or wise; what else could I have said?

I could chicken away and leave everything as it is now, or keep trying, suffering and hoping to eventually win her heart, which is not for sure anyways...
I wish someone could tell me what to do.