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domingo, septiembre 12, 2004

Another week has gone away

It's Sunday again, which means that another week is part of the history. This week was a weird week: we didn't have classes on Monday, had exams Monday and Tuesday, and had normal classes the rest of the week. Everything seems as if we were ending this already ending this school year, as we are not having regular classes and we aren't doing much stuff at school.

The exams weren't as hard as I thought they would be... or were they? Well, I filled all the fields required and everything is fine, according to me. The problem is, no matter how sure I am of my answers, there's like always something wrong :S. Anyways, I'll know if there really was in a few more weeks.

Thursday and Friday were going to be ordinary boring normal days, so I decided to do something to make life more interesting: I adopted a rock! I just picked up one of the stones lying on the floor, draw a face on it, and named it. That made Thursday a bit more interesting, but I couldn't do anything to save Friday.

Yesterday I was going to play Lan games with some of my friends, but the place was crowded. So, instead, we went to a labyrinth named "Area 51", and then went to the cinema. We watched this really funny movie called "Mean Girls". Lindsay Lohan is really beautiful, and that's one of the reasons to explain why I really liked this movie ^_^. Now I have the typical crush you have after watching a movie with someone really hot in it.

Today I had to take my sister to the San Marino because she was meeting with some friends there. I spent most of my morning shooting monsters and racing a Indy cars, not bad huh?

I feel like I'm getting over that stuff that has been causing me so much trouble lately, and so is my friend Pablo. Some days ago, he told me that he would start being just friends with Catalina (her ex-girlfriend), and let things flow. I'm on the same path, because there's nothing I can do. Yesterday Tania told me that Alfredo had met her parents (the in-laws?). I don't have much to comment about that, but I must say that I think things are like awkward.

So, that's how another week goes away, leaving place for a new one to start. I'll be probably posting again next Sunday, or maybe before.


  • So, Ive justgot onto this site and decided to read your blog.Maybe because a friend of mine told me she had started one blog and so I entered this page.I created my own blog but dont know if post things,but anyway,I read all your blog from the begining(from july to your most rcent one)and I dont know, it just sorprendente how things you think only happen to you and that your life is complicated,are things that happen almost to everyone,and I wanted to let you know, that your blog is very interesting and when i have nothing to do ill check it out.(You would be amazed to know how much we have in common and the haha)

    Ps:Did you found the alien?,jaja

    By Anonymous Anónimo, at miércoles, septiembre 29, 2004 11:46:00 p. m.  

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