My Story

martes, septiembre 14, 2004


Today it's Tuesday, if I had to go to school, today it would have been a horrible day because of afternoon school. However, it's horrible and damn boring to sit at home the whole day and studying for that Sprachdiplom exam.

As I wrote in the other post, I have a crush on this beautiful actress Lindsay Lohan. Who hasn't ever had a crush on some movie star or artist? Well, now it's my turn; after seeing the movie, I just couldn't get her out of my mind. Anyways, as the typical artist crushes so common in our age, I don't expect this one to last more than a few weeks.

I've been thinking about the kind of girl I like and I believe that the girl for me must be brave, smart and funny. I sometimes imagine her as a teddy bear in an armored medieval suit: she might be hard, thought and resistant in the outside, but in the inside she should be just like a teddy bear, hug-able and lovable.

...damn... I think the boredom is beginning to damage my brain cells, because I'm writing things before thinking it twice.