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miércoles, septiembre 22, 2004

How powerful can a Blog be?

Tuesday have always been boring days, and yesterday wasn't an exception. I got up after having slept a few hours and having had some strange dreams, and could already feel the strange energy this new day had. Almost being late for school was one of the first uncommon things that happened that day. School was also duller than often, and classes were so boring, I can even say that I would have enjoyed skipping hours and reading a book instead,

One of the things I hate the most about Tuesdays is the afternoon school, which is not other than classes in the afternoon. These classes have turned out so boring, that I believe I should have some coffee before them so that I do not fall asleep and get into trouble. Yesterday was more or less like that, except for the fact that I had to tell off my sister for spying on me when I was talking to a friend of mine (María Gracia).

Those weren't all the surprises that day had for me. After getting home and logging on my messenger, I began chatting with Tania. She had already read my blog right after school, and she told me what she thought about it. She was like sitting on both ends of the weight: some posts would make her feel like a princess, but in others she would feel down and about to cry. She also said that I should also have written about how much she cared for me and how she couldn't loose me as a friend. I must say that I still care a lot for her as a friend, and I will always be there if she needs me.

Wednesday was another boring day. Even with the class trip approaching (yes, it is on Friday) it has been like a bit dull. My day was pretty much the same, except for the fact that I spent most of my time thinking about the conversation I had the night before. Now I just want to go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow, because tomorrow, I'll tell Tania a lot of things I've got in my head wanting to come out. Good Night!


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