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domingo, septiembre 05, 2004

Sprachdiplom approaches!

Today I'm posting about this week I had. If we considered that my wounds are still healing, it could be said that it was a very good one. I'm getting over this crappy stuff and letting my life go on, but there is still something that hasn't died, not because I want to go on with this, but because it's inevitable.

This week I regained in contact with a friend of mine who I haven't talked to in a long time again. She is the cousin of a friend of my sister and I know her since Christmas, but haven't talked much to her since my trip to Germany. So I decided to write her an SMS to see if she was still there and yes she was. Among other stuff, we talked about how she broke up with her boyfriend, and believe me, she made it an unforgettable moment for him haha.

This week, a good friend of mine, Pablo also broke up with her girlfriend. I knew they had some trouble, but I never imagined that they would end up breaking up. I mean, he and Catalina looked so good together, I would say they were like the perfect match, so I still don't understand why this happened. As far as I know, Catalina simply said she was like feeling something for someone else and that she wanted some time to think. Pablo was also shocked; the breakup really hurt him, as it seems he put a lot of hopes and feelings and stuff like that in his girlfriend, so this thing left him devastated. Somehow, I feel sorry for him.

It seems that these are bad times for some of the people in love: this girl broke up, my friend Pablo got dumped and I... well, you know what happened.

Also, I don't know how it is possible, but every time I talk to Tania, either by SMS or on messenger, she manages to mention Alfredo at least once, and if it's on the messenger, twice or more. The question is: Knowing all what happened, what does she pretend?

Anyways, I have something better to think about: Sprachdiplom coming next Tuesday and Wednesday and then oral examinations the week after this one!

I better begin studying, so, that's all for now.