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domingo, septiembre 19, 2004

Weekend Post

Today it's Sunday, which means that unless I write something today, my post rate will decrease a lot, which is not good. Sunday also means that another week has turned history, and that this world is one week older.

This week has been a boring one. Sitting the whole day at home isn't exactly fun, specially when you have an oral examination to do. I spent the whole Wednesday afternoon working on the piece of cardboard I would use in my exposition. It wasn't big deal, but I think it was ok. I spent part of the night looking for some radiography I would use the next day, and I finally went to bed at around 11 pm. By the way, I talked about Röntgen Radiation and Wilhem Conrad Röntgen.

Thursday was Judgment Day (hahaha). I went to school as I every do, and spent most of the morning sitting in the school lunch place, because my examination started at 9:25. Talking to my friend didn't reduce my anxiety very much, as they were as nervous as I was, but a friendly hug and some hope-words did a lot for me.

The examination was a total mess; after the preparation time we were given, I went to the classroom were the teachers were waiting for me. First, I had to read a text in German and answer some questions. Up to that moment, everything seemed to be fine, but when I started with my exposition, Pandora's box was opened and a whole bunch of little demons zoomed through my head. I forgot to mention some information, and part of what I was trying to said was not understood by the teachers (too much technical information :S), but in the end, I think everything was fine, and remember that at the end of that Greek myth, there is still hope.

Friday was the best day of the whole week. In the morning I had to help my father ordering some stuff and overseeing some workers. The work itself wasn't that tireding, but the warehouse was burning hot, and the process was tedious. But all this paid back! At night, I went to Isabella's house because there was a little gathering because of her birthday, which by the way was on Monday (Happy Belated Birthday!). It was great because most of my friends were also there and there was music (although I don't really dance) and we had fun and all that! That was the best that happened that week.

Today it wasn't really an interesting day. The only thing that is worth mentioning is that today I've been eating like the whole afternoon, and that right now Tania is reading this blog. I can't wait to know what she thinks about this blog and the "verbal vomit" it contains (haha)


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