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sábado, octubre 02, 2004

It's Saturday again

Today it's Saturday, which means that another week has gone away. This week has been an interesting one, not only because of the things that happened, but also because of what didn't happen. One example of that, is the Chemistry exam we were supposed to do on Thursday. In the last moment, that exam was changed to the week after the coming one because we had a Seminar about trademarks and business. It was interesting, but it wasn't properly planned, as a lot of stuff wasn't explained because of lack of time.

This week a group of students from Leipzig came to our school, so I'm testing my socializing skills again if you know what I mean (hahaha). Just kidding. I'll try to make friends with these people so that if I go to Germany, I have at least someone to call (haha).

In reply to that comment about the alien: Yes, I did find him (or her), and all I got was a damn stupid card (hahahaha); and did you? By the way, do I know you from somewhere else?


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