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jueves, octubre 14, 2004

Just a Post

I know I do not usually post on Thursdays, but I must write what has happened this week up to now because this week has been a somewhat strange one.

On Monday, after a boring school day, we were supposed to stay in school and clean it as a punishment for what was done last Thursday, but only six of us (including me) showed up. Each one had a different task: Pablo had to clean some water-fountain-like thing, and others had to pick up garbage, but for some reason, I got the hardest and most tedious and boring of all possible works; I had to sweep the teacher's park place. The worst thing about it, was that the little leaves and sticks that fall from the trees stuck between the bricks on the floor, which made things even harder to clean! The broom was also so crappy, that when I got home, I had blisters (two small ones) on my right hand.

While I was sweeping that awful park place, several teachers parked their cars and asked me what I had done, because it is almost unbelievable to see me, an almost example student, being punished. And every time, I had to tell the whole story again; how they couldn't find the guilty person and how they decided to punish us all. The last person I saw why doing my job, was Mrs. Neumann, the director. Her questions were more or less the same: "Do you know who it was?, Do you believe that it will turn you a great person not to tell who it was?" And once again I had to tell her that I knew nothing about it, because I wasn't in the class and the whole thing. When she was about to leave, an unexpected question popped out; she asked me if I knew about the "problems" our class had. I though she was talking about the misbehaviour and all that stuff and I said that it was only a few wild things that my class made, but then she said it was about drugs. Besides cigarettes and alcohol, I knew nothing else about that, and I told her so. From that moment I knew something was cooking.

Tuesday was also a different day. We had afternoon classes that day, but for some reason the teacher from Commerce was absent so we had a free hour. I asked at the secretariat if we would have Physics, and they say no, so I went and roamed around. When it was about 20 minutes before the hour ended, I saw a classmate entering the Physics classroom, so I hurried and explained what they had told me. Good for me, I didn't get into trouble, I don't like skipping hours. Next we had our Chemistry exam. It wasn't really hard, but there were questions you had to think carefully and there was one topic I didn't remember very well. But I managed to fill all the fields, so I hope I get a good grade.

I'll write about the rest of the week some other day, because I'm falling asleep on my keyboard!


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