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domingo, octubre 17, 2004

Last day... of the week

So, where did I stay... all right, next day was Wednesday. That day was a bad one. If I had to describe it with one word, I would use "stupid" and if I could use three, I would use "stupid and sad". That day, the group from Leipzig was going to Baños, and they wouldn't return until Friday night, but I wouldn't see them again, because they were going back to Germany on Sunday. That day I was supposed to say "Good Bye" and make this whole thing finish in a neat way, but instead, I got intimidated and wasted the perfect moment it could have been if I hadn't messed it. To make a long story short, I'll say that I just went, said Bye, and left; duh me. If there is anything I regret right now, is not having said all I wanted to. They must be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean by now.

That was just the beginning of the day. We had a Biology exam, and I can say it was the hardest one of this school year. I managed to answer all the questions, but I'm not really sure if they are right. The rest of the school day went fine, except for the afternoon. That day, we had a soccer match against 10V at 16:00, but I wouldn't play because the school bus left at 16:20 and my father couldn't pick me up at school, so someone had to play instead of me. That match was a very bad one. We lost 2-0, and one of the best players of our team was dismissed and won't play the rest of the tournament. Everyone was sad and somewhat dissapointed and angry, because it was said that the match was very unfair for us.

Thursday was the strangest day of the week. We started with a Physics exam, which was also very hard because the whole exam had been based on theorical classes. There were about seven questions, each one with a subquestion about electricity, generators and that kind of stuff. We predict that this exam will have to be repeated due to bad grades. But that isn't the part of the day I consider strange, because Maths class was. Our teacher came into the class, and wrote a phylosophical sentence on the blackboard that said something like "The only authentic responsability you have, is with your inteligence, your potential and with acting with concordance." We talked the whole hour about acting with responsability, and doing the right things and all that stuff. Eventually, we talked about drugs again. Our teacher said that she was very sad and about to cry when she heard that something was happened with drugs beause she had studied at our school and she didn't want us to turn into bad people. What makes this even stranger, is that our Maths teacher would never waste one of her precious class hours.

Friday was a rather good day. We had only a few classes because they had to inform us about Hepatitis and Aids. I believe that this was the best of this seminars we have received, because the information they gave was really impressing and the facts and statistics were shocking. In the afternoon we had another soccer match, this time it was agains the 10AB, the best team up to now. We lost with dignity (4-3), because of the teammate that couldn't play and because another friend of mine had some problem in his eye, so he started playing in the second half-time. If we consider all these trouble, plus the fact that our team hasn't got enough good players, it was a great match.

Saturday was like the worst day of the week, because my father took his cellphone with him to Quito, and I wasn't able to use the internet, so I felt isolated from the rest of the world.

Today it was a good day. After going with my mother to the elections, we went shopping and bought a lot of stuff. While my mother and my sister were looking at some shoes, I went and roamed around the San Marino. I think I saw her again. I'm almost sure it was the angel-like girl; the same look in her beautiful eyes, the blond hair... I hope I some day get to talk to her.

Well, that's all for now, because it's already late and tomorrow I have a History exam.


  • Decidi escribir los comments aqui en ingl;es, eso por que estoy sumamamente aburrida...: 2 bad you didn't said goodbye properly. About the aids thing, we had a few seminars like this, both were about sez, but, the first one could pretty much be described with ABSTINENCE until you are married by the church... it's not like i'm against abstinence, but the seminar was supposed to be "sex-ed"... but, the second one, i've been told coz' i left that day to a bebate and didn't make it on time, was reallu a sex-ed seminar... well, i've gone too far and this is kinda long...

    By Blogger .::.Trix.::., at lunes, octubre 18, 2004 1:50:00 p. m.  

  • ok, once again, it has been a week... i guess you dont have time haha, well that was it love bye!

    By Blogger .::.Trix.::., at domingo, octubre 24, 2004 10:04:00 p. m.  

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