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domingo, octubre 10, 2004

Sunday Posting

I haven't posted since last week, so I guess it's already time to post again. This week has been a great one. As I said on the post from last week, the students from Leipzig are visiting us and I'm getting on well with them. I'm good friends with Lisa, a cool girl who practices judo and lives at a friend's house.

On Tuesday we had a Maths exam. It was so easy, that I'm almost sure I'll get a 20. We also didn't have Chemistry class because our teacher is in Quito, so I went and talked to my new-made friends from Leipzig. After that, we went to a friend's house to do a History work. We were supposed to do some kind of Newspaper about the Indpendence of Guayaquil with articles and photos and that kind of stuff, but as if it were the year 1820. We worked hard on that thing and burnt the sides of it so that it would look old; it was finished.

Wednesday was the day of our soccer match agains 9AB. I was playing as a "defensa", and I did it quite well. On the first half time, the other team scored once. We became a bit tense and nervous, and some of my teammates were like aggressive. Not long after the second half-time began, we did a penalty shot. That was our first goal, but our victory didn't came until some minutes later, when we scored again. We won 2-1.

Next day, it was the day to display our History works. We decided to burn it more on a part to hide an empty space, but we overdid it. We all agreed that our newspaper was horrible, and our teacher gave us one more day to fix it or repeat it. So we had to split tasks so that we could present our work the next day. That Thursday we didn't have Chemistry, so a substitute teacher came that hour. Most of us went to the soccer field or sat around the "bar" (including me), but others stayed in the classroom. During that hour, someone spilled water on the floor and on the teacher's chair so that our English teacher would slip or get wet the next hour. We all know that English classes are boring, and that our teacher should be punished someway, but I think this time it was too much; the thin line that sets the limits to the lands of outlawed actions had been crossed. The point is that our teacher got mad at us (we still got back our exams; I got a 20!) and she said we had to stay one afternoon at school and clean it and that we would have 10 in discipline in English. I think that was really unfair, I mean, most of us are innocent and weren't even near the classroom when this happened, so why does this punishment apply to everyone?

Anyways, the soccer match in the afternoon somehow fixed our mood because we won 8-0.

Friday was just a day like any other. Nothing really interesting happened, except for the fact that Lisa was like paying more attention to another friend of mine than to me, and I felt a bit jealous. I think I'm getting too involved with her, and I don't want to do that. In the beginning I was like only wanting to make friends, but now I think I'm like more interested in her, and I don't want that to happen, because things won't work, and if they do, they won't last long, as she is flying back to Germany next week. By the way, she already has a boyfriend and another friend over here is after her. Anyways, I'll wait and see how this thing ends.

Saturday was as boring as any other day, I just stayed at home and did nothing. Sunday was better. I wanted to watch a movie, but I overslept and therefore I was too late for it. After lunch, we went to San Marino, and we would go to the book store because my sister needed a book about legends and tht kind of stuff. For me, that visit meant something similar to seeing an angel. Hasn't it happened to you, that you suddenly see someone mesmerizingly beautiful and you are like "wow!"? Well, that exactly happened to me. I was like roaming around and I saw this beautiful girl. I still remember that on her shirt it said "Kick Start" or something similar. She also like going around, but as we all know, I'm a somewhat shy person and I can't act if I'm near anyone of my family. But no one could stop me from glancing at her again, so I would go around and try to catch a glimpse of her. That beautiful, almost angel-like, girl kept my mind busy for the rest of the day.


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