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sábado, noviembre 27, 2004

We are now 15!

This week has been a bit weird, well, not exactly weird, but a bit strange.
Everything was really good on Tuesday and on Wednesday. On Tuesday, we missed Physics class because our teacher hadn't come. Wednesdays have always been nice days, and this one was even greater. In sports class, we had some kind of "exam": we had to run 9 times around the sports field, which is more or less 3 kms, and we weren't supposed to stop. All these in no more than 16 minutes to get full points; tireding, isn't it?

Well, I'm proud to say that I'm not that bad at sports, so I made it in second place and got my 20 points. Then, we went to the schools coliseum (it's a big hall with a synthetic sport field) to supposedly, play volleyball, but instead, we asked permission to do some rope climbing. We pulled down some ropes and practically played with them, because only a few were actually climbing them, the others were just swinging or playing Tarzan (hahaha). Then, some of us wanted to play soccer. We would have done so if most of us weren't so tired of the exam we just had. But it was still to soon for us to go, so me and some other classmates took a dive in the swimming pool, which was perfect for the occasion.

We also had a Biology exam (I got it back on Friday, and it was a good mark!) and had History in German with Herr Holz again. This time, it was quite different, because I had to make an exposition. After it, we began with the same crap from last class again: some were playing the dumb kids, and others wouldn't stop talking; it was really funny. The best of all was when he asked for a sitting plan of the class, and Pablo made a fake one with stupid names and that kind of stuff. He didn't really use it, because the class ended very soon, and Pablo took back the sheet and said something about having made a mistake (Well, it was enough just one class, and anyways, we would only have 3 more of these History classes!) and promised making a new one.

In German class, we finished watching the film "Lola rennt" (Lola runs), which we started watching on Monday. It was about a young woman, whose boy friend named Manni was some kind of drug dealer or so, and he lost a bag with 100 000 Deutsche Mark (the currency Germany used to use) so she had to help him. She imagines what happens twice before she actually does it, and every time she imagines what will happen, it's different. In the end, she manages to bring the money to Manni, but he already found the beggar who had taken the money he had to deliver. This movie was really interesting compared with "Dead Poet's Society", and I can say I liked it. If you want to watch it, I have heard that it is being shown in Cinemax.

Thursday was an absolutely weird day. We normally had Physics in the first hour, but again, we didn't have that class. A substitute teacher took us to our class and let us do whatever we wanted, but in silence. It was then, when our classmate Gisella came in crying to take her stuff, because she had to leave school. Right after that, Elena, another friend of mine, was called to the Principal's office. Both of them had to leave school.

This year, we started our class with 20 students. 20, that's a good number; it's easy to split into groups, it is supposed to be easy to handle, and it is supposed to be balanced. But since the beginning of this year, we have lost, in average, half student each month because now we are only 15. First, a friend of mine moved to Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates), then Raul changed classes (He's now in the 10B). Not long ago, Andres had to leave and now we have two less. At this point, we will finish this school year with 14 students...

Friday was the last school day of the 12th classes, and they played a soccer match against the 11th classes, so we were taken to watch the match. Apart from that, the rest of the day was as ordinary as every other Friday.

lunes, noviembre 22, 2004

The Influence of Music in our lives...

Today, it was a strange day; I woke up and went to school as usual. Even the first hour seemed as if it were normal: we had Spanish and I fought against my sleepiness. Everything showed that today, it would be just another day in the calendar... but it wasn't.

María Teresa was relay weak because she had probably taken too many of those anti-depression pills (actually, they were to regulate the lithium levels in your body). The whole first hour she was like falling asleep, and during then she went to the medical department for the second hour and stayed there. During the break I went to find out how she was, and I discovered that she was crying. By the end of the break she had already been taken home by her mother.

Then, I kept walking around, and just before the German class, our Spanish teacher told us our teacher, Herr Barsch, had birthday, which meant we would spend, at least, 10 minutes in singing the happy birthday song in as many languages we could.

Today we received our Maths exams, and they weren't really good. Our class' average was around 10 (out of 20), and most of us had less than 12 points (which is the minimum required to make it). However, I didn't do that bad (I got a relatively good mark).

In the second break, I went to the medical department again, because today we would receive the second dose of the vaccine against hepatitis. It didn't really hurt that much, but I have never liked needles, so I had to fear them this time too. Another friend of mine was also receiving this vaccine (Miriam), and she asked a hand to calm down. She actually needed a hand to grab on while she received this injection. Well, it seems she is quite strong because she managed to leave some not-so-cool fingernail marks on my hand (ouch! hahaha).

Then, I walked on waiting for next class to start. I saw Tania with some of her friends, and she was crying. I couldn't find out more about the topic, because every time I wanted to ask her, something would happen.

In the afternoon, we had Civics and Ethics Education again. Today's topic was "The Influence of Music in our lives" or something similar. They brought a guy who gave out chocolates to the people to participated, two other guys who had been badly influenced by music and a jazz musician.

One of the guys who had been negatively influenced by music said to have been a very good student and to have been very good at sports when he was like 13 years old or so, but then, he began listening to "aggressive music" like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc. and some other heavy and metal bands. He said that he from that point, he began to be aggressive and violent against the people he knew and eventually quitted sports, changed schools several times and started taking drugs. Well, he said that at the peak of his experience, he would lie in bed and not be able to sleep because "demons" were in his head. He also told us, that one night he had taken down the posters of these bands he had on the walls of his room, which were supposedly ordered in some special way only he knew, but next morning, he found them all again on the walls, but hanging upside down. The point is that then, he took the good path and turned to the light side of the force.

The story of the other guy was more or less the same, except that he didn't began to take drugs or be aggressive, but turned into some kind of sexaholic. He also said he had attended some part satanic sessions only because of the music. Weird, isn't it? Personally, I didn't like their stories really much, because they added too much stuff about religion and god in their speeches and also their stories were a bit hard to believe (posters that know how to return to their places, no thanks). What would have happened if someone had some religion other than catholic? (Actually, there are some students who are not catholic)

To summarize what the meeting was about, I'll write this:
You have to pay attention to the lyrics of the song you listen to, because what the music industry wants you to do, is to buy, and they'll do anything to achieve this, even if that means turning you into a satanic, drug addicted, freak.

domingo, noviembre 21, 2004

Weekend Post

Another week has gone away and a new one is about to start.
Although I didn’t go anywhere with my friends this weekend, I had a great time.

On Saturday, after having slept only a few hours because of the small party at Tania’s house, I had to wake up early to make it on time to some classes I have. In the afternoon, I went to buy a new pair of leather shoes, because the old ones I had were damaged. They actually began to fall into pieces on Friday night, during the party and the walks to Rio Centro; by the end of the night, I was lucky to have something to stand on.

I also bought more ink for my fountain pen and found out that there were a lot of accessories I could buy for it, but I don’t think I will buy any of them.

Today I also had to wake up early (6:45 a.m): I had to go to the Vicente Rocafuerte high school, because it was the ceremony in which the best students from each school are awarded with a medal from the “Sociedad Filantrópica del Guayas”. This is my first time there and I hope it is not the last time too. The event started at 8:00, and although I tried to make everyone wake up early so that we would arrive on time, we showed up like ten minutes late. However, we didn’t miss anything, since during the first thirty minutes or so, small kids and students from public schools received their medals.

After around 45 minutes, I received my medal, and then we went to the Oro Verde Hotel for breakfast. Then we headed home to plan how the rest of our day would be.

I wanted to watch “White Chicks” so we went to the cinema right away for the last vermouth show. It was a very funny movie, and we all enjoyed it very much. I kept roaming around the rest of the afternoon, and I also bought some other things I needed, and when there was nothing left to do, I went back home.

sábado, noviembre 20, 2004

Ecuador vs. Brazil + Confirmation

On Wednesday afternoon, Ecuador played soccer against Brazil. Bad for me, I missed the match, because I was still on my way home, and when I arrived, the match was already about to end. However, I know the result, and I'm very proud of it. Ecuador won 1-0 against Brazil! It was almost incredible, because the world champions were defeated by Ecuador! Although I wasn't watching the match, I knew immediately that we had won because everyone was cheering and celebrating on the streets.

Thursday was just like any other day. We had normal classes, and we had normal homework and everyone was apparently normal.

Friday was a more interesting day. Our school day was pretty much the same, except for the fact that we didn't have Maths homework, and that I didn't have my Biology notebook with me because a friend of mine had borrowed it (Christian), and didn't come to classes that day. Luckily, Herr Mischler didn't pick up them to correct them, otherwise, heads would have rolled :(

That evening, it was also the Confirmation of a lot of people I know, among them there was Benjamin, my teammate in robotic classes, María Cristina, a classmate, and Tania, you already know her from my previous posts. So, after arriving home at 17:30, I had to get ready to go to the mass. I had to take a shower, and then wait for the taxi to arrive, and then sit as long as I needed until I arrived the church; it doesn't seem that difficult, does it? The problem was, that I needed more time to pick what I would wear (because it was like a bit more formal), the taxi took like 10 additional minutes to arrive and when I finally was going, the whole city seemed to be full of traffic jams. Fortunately, I didn't arrive that late: only ten minutes after the beginning of the mass. But 10 minutes were enough time for someone else to sit where I would have sat if I hadn't arrived late, so I had to stand the whole ceremony. What made me feel a bit better, was that I wasn't the only one who had to stand, because around thirty people were standing too!

The mass ended around 21:50, and there was a get together at Tania's house, but that would be at 22:30, so we had about an hour to roam around. Me and some friends decided to go to Rio Centro and have something to eat before going to Tania's house, but no one could take us there, so we had to walk. If we hadn't been walking together, I would have never made that walk; the road wasn't that well lighted, and the distance was quite long, but we made it. Michael and I bought a familiar pizza + 4 sodas at USD 7.99, and after finishing it, we weren't sure if we could walk to the small party. Pablo, Michael and me hanged around until it was time to go (22:00), and we met a lot of other people who were also going or were just sitting around. Mauricio eventually joined us in our walk to Tania's place.

The party was good! A lot of people went, and "Peor es Nada", a music group of a friend of mine, performed there. Sadly, I had to leave early (00:30), because I had to get up early on Saturday, but I enjoyed it a lot.

miércoles, noviembre 17, 2004

The old "About"

As you probably see, I have changed the description of my blog (the "About"), because I'm expecting new people to read my blog. Anyways, I'll post my old "About" here, just in case I or you want to remeber it. Here it goes!:

I've fallen in love, and I decided to write everything about it in this Blog, so that others can learn about my experience, but I'll keep writing even if I'm not in love. This is the first Blog I ever write, but I've always wanted to keep record of what happens to me. It's better to read it from the beginning so it makes sense (just click on the July Archive). So, here it goes! Enjoy!

Posting at school.... "1809 – 1810 Mientras llega el día"

Today I'm posting at school, because I don't have anything else to do (well, I do: I have some homework left, but I'm not in the mood to do it now)

Yesterday it was exam day; in the first hour we did a maths exam. It wasn't very hard, but it wasn't easy at all. Everyone tried to solve correctly as many exercises as possible, and many didn't finish the whole exam. Actually, I finished like ten minutes before time was up, but while I was checking my exam, I found a mistake and spent the rest of my time (and a few bonus minutes) in trying to fix that mistake, and in the end, I wasn't very sure if what I did was right.

The rest of the day was like any other, except for the fact that I didn't have much homework to do.

Wednesdays have always been great days. We began our school day with two hours of sport. Then we had Biology, and as expected, our test were given back to us. It was almost unbelievable to me, but I got a good grade despite all the stuff I wrote.

The best of today, was that we were taken to the movies (or more exactly, the MAAC: Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo) to watch "1809 - 1810 Mientras llega el día", an Ecuadorian movie about the massacre of the prisoners on the 2th August 1810, after what was done for independence in 1809. I found the movie interesting, because it showed us a bit more of what happened during this period of time. Although it contained one or two bloody scenes (for example: the corpse of a beheaded man, and his head lying on his side) and some violent ones (like the moment all the prisoners were being shot at), I could say that you should watch this movie to get a better idea of what the independence of Ecuador was like, and on a scale from 1 to 10 I'd give it a 8.5.

However, I must say that we couldn't enjoy the movie very much, because on one part, we had to watch it without audio (like for 10 -15 seconds), because there had been a problem, and also because all the 8th, 9th and 10th grades were going, so screams, conversations and stupid commentaries were heard during the film.

After watching the movie, we came back to school. It was almost time to go, so I picked up my stuff and went to buy a sandwich. I had to work from 13:30 to 14:10, with my anti-drug-group. We discussed what we could do to prevent that more people started consuming drugs and we decided, that we would focus our work in the 5th and 6th grades.

But then, I had nothing else to do from 14:10 to 16:20, because I wasn't allowed to listen to the talk that was being given to the teachers about teenagers' problems and this kind of stuff, so I had nothing left to do than to go to the library and try to do something interesting on the computers.

Now, I'm posting at the school library, because I have nothing else to do. Now I have to leave because the woman here is already throwing us out.

lunes, noviembre 15, 2004

Monday again...

Today it's Monday, the beginning of another week. Our school day was more or less the same, and classes were almost normal. We began with a reading comprehension in Spanish. We were supposed to read some stories from Gabriel García Marquez (by the way, his stories are like a bit abstract) and today we had to prove that we actually read them. It was a five question test, and we were allowed to use our books, so it shouldn't have been very difficult, but if we consider that the questions were made by our extremely deadly Herr Mata, doing this test was something close to suicide. However, it seems that this time he was in a good mood, because apparently everyone has answered all the questions.

History classes weren't that interesting as usual, but today we received more work to do. Now we have to do an investigation about woman and children abuse during wars and also an essay about the differences between political parties in our country, but all this in like two weeks.

In German class we kept watching "Der Klub der Toten Dichter" (Dead Poet's Society). A lot of us don't understand a word from what they say, but we have to watch it anyways. Maths class was a review for tomorrow's exam, and in Computers class we went on with database creation.

Last hour was originally English class, but instead, we had a conference about what has happened lately at our school. All 10th classes had to attend and when everyone had settled, Herr Richter (the principal) spoke almost the whole hour about what has happened the last months at school and explained us what has been made and why. Personally, this explanation answer most of my doubts, but I think it should have been given a bit earlier. I mean, "Z" left school like a month ago and all this time no one said something official about what was happening. I'll try to make a summary of what Herr Richter said in the meeting.

First, he told us all to put our t-shirts in our jeans (the bottom part, in Spanish: "ponerse la camiseta por dentro"). Then he began with something about the problems that are in today's society. He said that our generation and society was the first in which young people (teenagers) took drugs that were only for high persons in the past, like in the old civilizations, where only the leaders or priests took low amounts of drug to be stimulated. Then he said that the students that have left school have only been suspended, otherwise they would be in worse conditions. The possibility of their return has been left open, and they will be able to join us again if our attitude towards this topic change and if the society in our school changes to a healthier one. He proposed that the school could be open on nights and weekends so that students were able to use the sport court, library, swimming pool or mechanic workshop; just like in Germany. I think this idea is a very good one, because there are moments when there is nothing to do, and young people tend to try the dark side of the force in an attempt to fight their boredom.

Herr Richter also said that some of them had admitted having done this stuff, although I still see the possibility that "Z" might not have been one of them.

That was what happened in the "normal" class day.

In the afternoon we had "Civics and Ethics education" again. This time they split us into two groups: men and women. We were sent to different rooms, and there they explained that they did this so that we were free to talk about things we wouldn't be able to talk about in front of women, and the same with the girls. We talked about the pros and cons of having sex and so on. Something about STDs was also said, and they showed us a shocking photograph of a person with a STD. Then they said about this things we like (sex, porn, cigarettes, alcohol) being addictive and then they said how this things could mess our future live: unhappy marriages, diseases, etc. This conferences we have are always interesting, because of this guy who explains this stuff to us. The only bad thing about them, is that they are in the afternoon, so we don't have pretty much time to do our stuff. However, we left about half an hour earlier than the girls, so me and a few friends decided to play "Magic". All the boys agreed, that in the other room the girls might be saying bad things about us, like saying all boys were beasts and pervs. Well, that might or might not have happened; only they know.

domingo, noviembre 14, 2004

New History teacher and a surprise Biology test... what a week!

This Wednesday, after an apparently normal school day, we received a new History teacher. Our German teacher (Herr Barsch aka "Chuleta!" or "Herr Balls" or "Hey Kinder, mach kein Quatsch!"), who was our former History teacher, had already told us on Tuesday that we would have this new guy, Herr Holz, as our new History Teacher. The strange thing about this is that he is still going to be our German teacher.

So on Wednesday, we decided to welcome him in a way he would not forget, if you know what I mean (muahahaha). Before his arrival, we were all playing with talcum powder: our true intention was to make the floor slippery, so that when Herr Holz came in, he would slip and fall. He didn't slip when he came in, instead, he saw us in the middle of a talcum war. Many of us were throwing talcum at each other, aiming at the head and the hair. Holz stared at us and looked at the action for a few seconds, then he pointed at two of my classmates and told them to go with him. They were obviously very frightened with the idea of having a little talk with Miss Letty (the principal), but only one of them actually went (Juanse). We all imagined that he would be being told off or something similar, when he showed up with Herr Holz carrying some History books. It was very funny to imagine how scared he must have been, because the direction is in the same way of the library.

The class started with a quiz about how the countries were left after the Second World War. We didn't have a clue of what we had to answer, but after some time and with a bit help, we managed to answer all the questions, however it wouldn't have a note. Then we were asked to read some text in the book. It was very funny, because everyone did as if they couldn’t understand or read German properly or as if they were dumb or retarded. What made it even funnier was that Herr Holz asked someone different to read every four or five lines, and that would go on and on.

When Holz was about to tell off a friend of mine because of talking in class, the “sweet and lovely” Gisella (I was being sarcastic, just in case) said “Das is Luis, der schwarzer Mann”, which translated to English would be something like “That’s Luis, the black man”. Holz stared at Gisella for a moment, asked her name and then wrote down something in his notebook. Then he said something about not tolerating any racist comments in his class, and Gisella fought back saying that that was the way she called him and that Luis was her good friend. That was really funny because Holz seemed really pissed off with Gisellas imprudent comment.

Next class was German (with Herr Barsch!), and Herr Holz hurried to tell him about what had happened. He was said something like “there was a girl who had an improper behaviour, she said nonsense” and Herr Barsh finished his statement with “Ja, die Gisella” (“Yes, Gisella”), which only proves that Gisella is already known for her improper behaviour (HAHAHA). After that little funny moment, we went to another classroom to watch the movie "Der Klub der toten Dichter" (It's English title is "Dead Poet's Society"), which is about Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) , a new English teacher who makes his classes more interesting by using new methods, and his students, but mainly about his students. They find out that their English teacher was a former student from the school they were now at, and they ask him about the "Dead Poet's Society" he belonged to, and so, they make their own society. The film seems to be interesting: although it is from 1989 (the year I was born!) it has won awards and a lot of people like this movie. However, we won't be able to understand and enjoy the movie as much as we would have if it were in English (yes, we are watching the film in German!).

Both Wednesday and Thursday were days to act our monologues. My turn was on Friday.
On Thursday I was also told that two other students had to leave school. The unlucky guys were Carlos del Salto and Mathias Baez from the 9th grade. I was told that they had to go for the same reasons like "Z". Well, who knows.

Friday wasn’t a really good day. Another student, Pablo Villacres had to leave, and I guess that for the same reasons.

I also had to act my monologue on Friday. Although our monologue was the best among the ones we saw, we our English and Biology classes were a catastrophe. In English, Miss Marcia got mad at us because of not paying attention and sent us a lot of homework, but the worst of all was that I ended up like the bad guy. In Biology, Herr Mischler decided to give us a surprise Biology test, which was a massacre. I did my best to answer all the questions, but I know that they are not absolutely right.

On Friday it was also Oswaldo’s birthday, and he had organized some kind of Lan-Party, but I wasn’t able to go because I had some activities at school and because I just couldn’t :(

viernes, noviembre 12, 2004

La Casa de Bernarda Alba: Monólogo Pepe "El Romano"

Ahorita publico el tan famoso monólogo de Pepe el Romano. Hoy me tocó interpretarlo y podríamos decir que salió bien. Antes que nada, tengo que a gradecer a mi amiga Cyntia Zurita, porque ella era mi compañera de grupo para este trabajo y su creatividad y humor super sarcástico influyeron mucho en el personaje. Aquí va... Enjoy!

Estoy seguro que ustedes han oído hablar de mí. Soy Pepe, pero en el pueblo me conocen como “Pepe el Romano”. Tengo 25 años, aunque aparento menos, y no hace falta decir que no hay nadie más guapo que yo en este pueblo

Siempre me gustó Adela. Recuerdo que el primer día que la vi, ya estaba decidido a conquistarla, y no fue difícil. Pero nunca me animé a tener algo más serio con ella, porque no me gusta el compromiso. Si hubiese tenido dinero, lo hubiera considerado, pero yo sabía que en realidad ella era pobre. ¡Y eso no!, yo nunca me casaría con una mujer pobre. Pero eso no significaba que no pudiese, digámoslo así, hacerle compañía a una chica muy solitaria, además de guapa. (Se ríe)

Después me fijé en Angustias. En realidad, ella no es tan fea, y hasta podría ser buena esposa… ¡No, a quién trato de engañar! Angustias es la mujer más repugnante que he conocido en mi vida. Nunca imaginé que una persona en este mundo pudiese ser tan fea, pero bueno, ella tiene tanto dinero, que hace un poco más aceptable su fealdad. Además, Bernarda, la vieja de mierda que creo yo, debería estar ya muerta, podría seguramente estar encantada de poderse deshacer de su hija mayor.

Entonces tenía la oportunidad de casarme con Angustias, sin tener que dejar de ver a Adela. Es que, realmente, todo iba perfecto: formalmente, era el prometido de Angustias, pero después de aguantar las visitas obligadas como “prometido”, podía ir a ver a Adela como cualquier hombre libre, porque a ella en realidad no le importaba que yo fuera novio de su hermana.

La verdad es que me daba asco Angustias, las horas con ella me parecían eternas, y el sólo hecho de pensar que en algún momento ella y yo tendríamos algún tipo de intimidad... ni siquiera me gustaba pensar en ello. De hecho, cuando estaba con Angustias, allí parado frente a la ventana de su cuarto, sólo pensaba en que ese era el precio que tenía que pagar por el dinero de ella... Y claro, para ello, conté con la ayuda de Adela, que siempre me consolaba después de cada encuentro con Angustias. Eso me ayudó un poco, pero sobretodo fue mi gran voluntad lo que hizo que yo aguantara tanto tiempo a Angustias sin volverme loco o salir corriendo.

Realmente, no sé cómo no se dieron cuenta esas dos, ¡si hasta viven en la misma casa, y son hermanas!

Pero bueno, son mujeres, así que no tienen la “obligación” de ser inteligentes, ni mucho menos. Los hombres somos los que pensamos por la pareja.

(Pensativo) Saben, yo creo que las mujeres no deberían pensar mucho, ¿no? Digo, deberían conformarse con casarse, que ya es bastante. No requieren más que de un hombre que las mantenga y una casa con hijos para cuidar. Eso es lo que toda mujer necesita, y mientras tengan eso, los hombres no les debemos nada más. ¿Qué les importa que tengamos otras mujeres, entonces? Los hombres necesitamos ciertas distracciones, y las esposas con el tiempo se vuelven monótonas y aburridas.

Entonces, si me casaba con Angustias, hubiéramos tenido una casa y quién sabe, quizá hijos, y con el dinero de Angustias, le hubiera comprado a Adela una casita donde vivir y la hubiera podido visitar cuando quisiera. ¿Gran proyecto, no? (Se ríe) Y lo mejor de todo, ¡yo no pongo un centavo! (se ríe)

Mi plan era perfecto, y eso es indiscutible. Lo que pasó es que yo no contaba con esa hermana rara de Angustias y Adela… esa tal Martirio. Yo siempre vi algo extraño en esa mujer, como si yo le gustara… claro que eso no sería nada raro, si soy tan guapo… (serio) Pero esa Martirio tenía algo que iba más allá de raro, algo que incluso causaba cierto temor. Aunque sólo la vi un par de veces, cuando ella me miraba, sentía como cuando las mujeres del pueblo me ven pasar por la calle, de esa forma babosa que me dice que soy el hombre más guapo que han visto en su vida. Sólo que yo no esperaba encontrar esa clase de mirada en Martirio.

A veces, cuando visitaba a Adela, tenía la impresión de que esa mujer nos espiaba, pero nunca la logré sorprender. En todo caso, para mí nunca representó una amenaza para mis planes, y ese fue mi gran error. Supongo que, como toda mujer, ella también era curiosa, pero nunca me imaginé que ella sería la causante de mi desgracia. Pues sí, parece que esa estúpida, no sé como, se enteró de que yo tenía algo con Adela. Ella tampoco se dio cuenta de la gran amenaza que representaba su hermana, aunque Martirio intentó chantajear a Adela hasta cuando le fue posible, amenazando con contar todo lo que sabía a su madre si no me abandonaba.

Luego, esa noche, Adela entró a la casa después de nuestro encuentro y parece que las mujeres se pusieron a discutir. Después de un rato, escuché como Martirio invocaba a Bernarda, entonces imaginé que esa mujer seguramente iría con el chisme a su madre y vendrían por mí, así que me alisté para poder enfrentar a Bernarda. Pero no esperaba que viniese armada, eso era un poco injusto para mí, no? Digo, mujer y todo, ella tenía un arma, y las mujeres no saben disparar. Yo no me dejo disparar por nadie, menos por una vieja histérica, así que me fui.

(Serio) Oigan, ya sé lo que están pensando... yo no soy ningún cobarde. Pónganse en mi lugar. ¿Qué hago yo contra una persona armada? Aunque esa persona era una mujer, tenía una escopeta. Como no servía de nada ser hombre, ni guapo, ni valiente, decidí irme y dejar que se resuelva todo entre mujeres. Después de todo, ese no era mi problema, allá que se arreglen ellas. Yo estaba seguro de que todo se arreglaría, si hasta había planificado otra visita a Adela.

Yo no contaba con que Adela fuera tan tonta como para creerle a la loca de Martirio esa mentira ridícula de que “yo me había muerto”... ¡Yo, Pepe el Romano, asesinado por una mujer! Eso no pasará nunca (ríe).

La necia de Adela, al pensar que yo había muerto, se puso sentimental y se ahorcó. ¡Qué ridículo! Bueno, es comprensible, siempre he dicho que las mujeres se mueren por mí, así que ésta ya se murió; yo diría que valió la pena. Cualquiera daría la vida por tenerme a mí.

La verdad es que sí me da pena que Adela se haya muerto, era una excelente compañía. Además, creo que esa familia rara que tenía no era muy comprensiva. Seguro no le dieron el apoyo moral necesario, porque, Adela en vida, se aferró a mí como si yo fuera su única oportunidad de felicidad. Aunque en realidad sí lo era. Pero bueno, la hice feliz hasta el último día, y la vida sigue ¿no? Así que he decidido seguir haciendo felices a otras mujeres como Adela... Y si además me consigo otra “Angustias” que financie mis sueños, eso sería bueno...

miércoles, noviembre 10, 2004

Classes again + "Punto y Aparte"

Monday was first day after vacation, and it wasn't that good. Classes were just the same, but we had an English exam and we had to stay in the afternoon at school because of the problems at school. We have to stay six Mondays at school to attend "Civic and Ethic education" (Educación Cívica y Ética) by obligation. Psychologist from "Galilea", a foundation made for these purposes, are going to explain us about the different emotional problems we teenagers have and I guess they will also teach us how to face them.

In this first session we watched a film: "Punto y aparte" (The English title is "Critical Point"). It was about two couples from different words: a pair of teenagers from rich families and a couple from the ghetto, but in spite of their differences, they end up in a similar situation. Valentin, Aline's boyfriend, tries to convince her to have sex with him; in the beginning, she doubts about it and seeks for her friend's advice. Aurora her classmate and close friend of her, tells her not to do it, but in the end she gives up to his boyfriend, because she couldn't ignore him threatening her with leaving her and claiming she didn't trust in him. As expected, Aline gets pregnant and is doubtful about having the baby or not. When Valentin convinced her to have sex with him, he said that if anything went wrong and she got pregnant, they would get married and solve it, but now he didn't want to know anything of her pregnant girlfriend. Both he and his father tell her to abort the child. Aline has no choice but to do that, because she recognizes that her boyfriend tricked her, and she believed that she was making the right decision in that moment. She is very depressed and regrets her decision, but at that point there were no turn-backs.

Aurora, her friend, morally supported her, and convinced her to return to her life, to forgive and to forget. Aline eventually found another boyfriend (who looks like the brother of a friend of mine), who really loved her. He was bullied by Valentin and had to go to hospital because he was attacked by him and some of his friends, but despite all that, he stayed with Aline.

Mirosleva and Sergio, were more or less in the same situation: they had sex and Mirosleva was pregnant. For her, things where a lot harder: she was thrown from her home and had to move with her boyfriend. In that house, she was treated like crap; even her mother-in-law didn't say a word when she was hit by Sergio. She managed to escape and moved to another small house in some other neighborhood. She also doubted about having the baby or not, but her decision was different: she wanted to have it, no matter how hard it would be. After the birth of her son, she began looking for a job, but no one wanted to hire her because of her baby. After some time, she had to leave again, because the money she stole from Sergio wasn't enough to pay the rent. One night, in the verge of desperation and depression, she met a friend of her, who gave her somewhere to live and offered to take care of her son while she looked for a job. Sadly, Sergio found out where she lived, and kidnapped the child to sell it to a Canadian couple. Fortunately, the police was able to find them and return the baby to her mother.

Along the whole story, Aline and Mirosleva cross paths several times: while she was aborting her baby, Mirosleva was giving birth to hers. They had also seen each other many times on the street, but it wasn't until a friend of Aline got pregnant that they got to talk to each other. Aline had a friend who got pregnant, and her appearance-loving parents tried to convince her to abort the baby. It was this family who hired Mirosleva as a maid to clean her house, and for some reason, she ended up talking about her baby to the parents of this girl. That's why they decide to give up their idea of abort and support their daughter with her baby. In the end, Mirosleva meets with Aline in the hospital and they talk to each other.

Although the plot of the story wasn't bad, I can't say that I liked it. I can't deny that the message it contains is positive, but in many parts of it, it had too many Christian messages, and as far as I know, at least 3 of my classmates don't share our beliefs in religion. Also, although it might sound cruel, I believe that if those girls got pregnant it was because of their own fault, because everyone they asked said they shouldn't have sex, and they had seen the consequences of that in a classmate, but they did it. This movie is good only for educational purposes at schools, because it is not that interesting. (Also, the sound effects were a bit weird: every time someone was slapped in the face, a sound of a punch was heard! hahaha).

domingo, noviembre 07, 2004

Cirque Dreams

Last night we went to the Cirque Dreams show, which is supposed to be a circus different from the others and have a great and unique performance. Our tickets cost 36 dollars each and our seats were the third best ones (first came VIP Gold and VIP). We left home at 19:00 to avoid traffic jams, because we already had experience with some when "Disney on Ice" performed here. That time, we spent like twenty minutes looking for somewhere to park! Well, this time we decided to go a bit earlier so we wouldn't waste time and miss the beginning of the show.

That wouldn't have been necessary anyways, because the show started like 30 minutes after the time it should have. The place wasn't as crowded as when "Disney on Ice" came, and there were some failures in the organization of the event, as the entrances weren't properly marked and people from the higher seats had only one entrance, and that's one of the reasons the show didn't start on time.

After having taken our seats, what was supposed to happen here in Ecuador happened: people who sold from pendants with lights to Kentucky Fried Chicken began roaming around and vending their different stuff. It was as if suddenly, the place had turned into a marked full of people yelling "Peanuts, buy Peanuts. Delicious and Cheap peanuts!", but it isn't anything uncommon once you remember where you are...

The show was expected to start at 20:00, but due to different reasons, it started like 30 minutes later as I wrote before. Two actors came out and made us laugh with some light humor by picking a few people from the audience and trying to make them perform tricks and backflips. The show started with two contortionist who twisted themselves in incredible ways I didn't think were possible. I don't remember in which order the next actors came, but there was a guy that did incredible tricks in a big metal wheel, and another man who stacked up a lot of chairs and then did handstands on top of them. There were also two women who spun and did very cool tricks on a trapeze and a man who managed to balance himself on some kind of table with some cylinders and boards on it. There was also a man and a woman who hung from two pieces of cloth and did amazing acrobatics and tricks. Two strong men bent themselves into gravity-defying positions and another pair of actors with spinning metal shapes mesmerized the whole audience with their act.

Although I really liked the show, it didn't really fulfill my expectations about it. The performance omitted some acts you could see on the announcements, and the organization had failures. There was also a woman who sang during the whole show, but I bet no one could understand a word from what she said (maybe because she was singing in Russian or some other foreign language), but her voice was really good. It was also evident, that the tickets were a bit too expensive, because the location didn't fill up as it was expected to. Big screens were also placed on the sides of the stage so that you could see the action from another angle, but the video quality was very poor.

Since this show is different from the circuses that have performed here, I recommend you to watch it, but only if you can afford to buy the VIP or better tickets, because only from those seats you will be able to enjoy the spectacle as you should.


On Friday I went with some friends and watched Dodgeball, a movie with Ben Stiller (the actor from "There's something about Mary" and "Along Came Polly") and Vince Vaughn. The movie was about a small gym named "Average Joe's" which was about to belong to the big brand new "Globo Gym", a newly built gymnasium directed by White Goodman. Peter La Fleur the owner of "Average Joe's" is informed though the financial analyst Christine Taylor, that he needs 50.000 dollars to pay the mortgage of the gym so that he can keep it, so he and his friends become part of the world of dodgeball, "a sport of violence, exclusion and degradation". They make their own team and begin training with Patches O'Houlihan a popular ex-dodgeball player as their coach in order to win the dodgeball championships prize which is exactly 50.000 bucks.

The Bad Guys of the Globo Gym couldn't stay behind so they make their own team: the Purple Cobras, featuring the frighteningly ugly European champion Fran Stalinofskivich and Me'Shell, one of White's closest employees.

After having won all the matches, the two teams get to face each other in the finals, but Peter doesn't show up until the last moment, because he had been paid 100.000 to forget the gym. Even though he plays and Average Joe's team wins the tournament, Average Joe's Gym belongs now to Globo Gym. But what they didn't know, is that Peter took his 100.000 dollars and bet 50-1 to his team, so now they had 5 million dollars, and they buy Globo Gym's shares and therefore Average Joe's belongs to them again.

This movie was very funny and I had a great time watching it. Although it adds nothing new to the typical comedies, I really liked it and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a good time and laugh.

No classes for one week

This week was a good one, because we didn't have classes at all. Originally, the holiday was until Wednesday, but our school decided to give us the whole week as a mid-term vacation, and we won't complain about it. Most people went to the Salinas (the beach) and some others went to Baños. I stayed in the city because my parents would work on Monday, and also because I had arranged some activities with my friends.

On Monday I received my new computer, and I'm very happy with it. It has a Pentium 4 2.8 processor and 512 266Mhz Ram. It also has an Asus Radeon 9200 video card with 128 Ram memory and a 160 Gb Hard disk. I'm sure I won't have to worry about getting a new computer for quite some time. I spent the whole afternoon copying and organizing the pictures and documents from my old PC to the new one. I also updated my antivirus and downloaded some useful software.

Tuesday wasn't big deal. I just stayed at home and roamed around before reading the book they gave us for school. We are supposed to read some stories of Gabriel García Marquez, which are very abstract (at least for me) and hard to understand if you don't pay full attention to them.

On Wednesday I went to a friend's house (Santiago Montesdeoca a.k.a. "Santy") to celebrate his birthday. We decided to meet at his house after lunch, and I arrived there around 15:00. We played table tennis and "Raje-Ball", which is just violent soccer (hahaha). In the evening we did some diving in his cold freezing swimming pool. It was a very cool day and I'm sure we all had a lot of fun.

On Thursday morning I had to go to school to do some kind of rehearsal for our Spanish monologue. I think our group had one of the best performances, because most of the rest of students didn't have a good monologue and the others didn't show up. After like one hour working on this representation, I left for maths "training", because on Friday I would go with a group of 11th Grade students to a Maths contest in the "Espol" as a substitute contestant so that I knew how this match is, because my teacher wants me to participate in next year's event.

I went home at 13:30 and I spent the rest of the afternoon doing useless stuff like playing video games or so.

Friday was a cool day; in the morning I went to that contest and in the afternoon I went to the movies. In the Espol, while my teammates did their test, the rest of the teachers and students were taken to another room, where we were shown videos about different maths facts, like where does the pi number come from. It wasn't really boring, but neither was it really interesting, however, now I know how that funny number is calculated and who discovered the way of adding another way of punishing us in maths.

After that, I went to a friend's house, where I had to fix his computer because he had gotten the Sasser Virus and after that we went to San Marino (Shopping Center), where we watched "Dodgeball" and finished the game "Time Crisis 3". We also played Counter Strike at a cyber café nearby. That day was really cool.

On Saturday I went to watch the show of "Cirque Dreams". It was interesting.

Sunday wasn't also big deal. I stayed the whole afternoon at home doing stuff in my computer and surfing the web because I had nothing better to do.