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domingo, noviembre 07, 2004

Cirque Dreams

Last night we went to the Cirque Dreams show, which is supposed to be a circus different from the others and have a great and unique performance. Our tickets cost 36 dollars each and our seats were the third best ones (first came VIP Gold and VIP). We left home at 19:00 to avoid traffic jams, because we already had experience with some when "Disney on Ice" performed here. That time, we spent like twenty minutes looking for somewhere to park! Well, this time we decided to go a bit earlier so we wouldn't waste time and miss the beginning of the show.

That wouldn't have been necessary anyways, because the show started like 30 minutes after the time it should have. The place wasn't as crowded as when "Disney on Ice" came, and there were some failures in the organization of the event, as the entrances weren't properly marked and people from the higher seats had only one entrance, and that's one of the reasons the show didn't start on time.

After having taken our seats, what was supposed to happen here in Ecuador happened: people who sold from pendants with lights to Kentucky Fried Chicken began roaming around and vending their different stuff. It was as if suddenly, the place had turned into a marked full of people yelling "Peanuts, buy Peanuts. Delicious and Cheap peanuts!", but it isn't anything uncommon once you remember where you are...

The show was expected to start at 20:00, but due to different reasons, it started like 30 minutes later as I wrote before. Two actors came out and made us laugh with some light humor by picking a few people from the audience and trying to make them perform tricks and backflips. The show started with two contortionist who twisted themselves in incredible ways I didn't think were possible. I don't remember in which order the next actors came, but there was a guy that did incredible tricks in a big metal wheel, and another man who stacked up a lot of chairs and then did handstands on top of them. There were also two women who spun and did very cool tricks on a trapeze and a man who managed to balance himself on some kind of table with some cylinders and boards on it. There was also a man and a woman who hung from two pieces of cloth and did amazing acrobatics and tricks. Two strong men bent themselves into gravity-defying positions and another pair of actors with spinning metal shapes mesmerized the whole audience with their act.

Although I really liked the show, it didn't really fulfill my expectations about it. The performance omitted some acts you could see on the announcements, and the organization had failures. There was also a woman who sang during the whole show, but I bet no one could understand a word from what she said (maybe because she was singing in Russian or some other foreign language), but her voice was really good. It was also evident, that the tickets were a bit too expensive, because the location didn't fill up as it was expected to. Big screens were also placed on the sides of the stage so that you could see the action from another angle, but the video quality was very poor.

Since this show is different from the circuses that have performed here, I recommend you to watch it, but only if you can afford to buy the VIP or better tickets, because only from those seats you will be able to enjoy the spectacle as you should.


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