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miércoles, noviembre 10, 2004

Classes again + "Punto y Aparte"

Monday was first day after vacation, and it wasn't that good. Classes were just the same, but we had an English exam and we had to stay in the afternoon at school because of the problems at school. We have to stay six Mondays at school to attend "Civic and Ethic education" (Educación Cívica y Ética) by obligation. Psychologist from "Galilea", a foundation made for these purposes, are going to explain us about the different emotional problems we teenagers have and I guess they will also teach us how to face them.

In this first session we watched a film: "Punto y aparte" (The English title is "Critical Point"). It was about two couples from different words: a pair of teenagers from rich families and a couple from the ghetto, but in spite of their differences, they end up in a similar situation. Valentin, Aline's boyfriend, tries to convince her to have sex with him; in the beginning, she doubts about it and seeks for her friend's advice. Aurora her classmate and close friend of her, tells her not to do it, but in the end she gives up to his boyfriend, because she couldn't ignore him threatening her with leaving her and claiming she didn't trust in him. As expected, Aline gets pregnant and is doubtful about having the baby or not. When Valentin convinced her to have sex with him, he said that if anything went wrong and she got pregnant, they would get married and solve it, but now he didn't want to know anything of her pregnant girlfriend. Both he and his father tell her to abort the child. Aline has no choice but to do that, because she recognizes that her boyfriend tricked her, and she believed that she was making the right decision in that moment. She is very depressed and regrets her decision, but at that point there were no turn-backs.

Aurora, her friend, morally supported her, and convinced her to return to her life, to forgive and to forget. Aline eventually found another boyfriend (who looks like the brother of a friend of mine), who really loved her. He was bullied by Valentin and had to go to hospital because he was attacked by him and some of his friends, but despite all that, he stayed with Aline.

Mirosleva and Sergio, were more or less in the same situation: they had sex and Mirosleva was pregnant. For her, things where a lot harder: she was thrown from her home and had to move with her boyfriend. In that house, she was treated like crap; even her mother-in-law didn't say a word when she was hit by Sergio. She managed to escape and moved to another small house in some other neighborhood. She also doubted about having the baby or not, but her decision was different: she wanted to have it, no matter how hard it would be. After the birth of her son, she began looking for a job, but no one wanted to hire her because of her baby. After some time, she had to leave again, because the money she stole from Sergio wasn't enough to pay the rent. One night, in the verge of desperation and depression, she met a friend of her, who gave her somewhere to live and offered to take care of her son while she looked for a job. Sadly, Sergio found out where she lived, and kidnapped the child to sell it to a Canadian couple. Fortunately, the police was able to find them and return the baby to her mother.

Along the whole story, Aline and Mirosleva cross paths several times: while she was aborting her baby, Mirosleva was giving birth to hers. They had also seen each other many times on the street, but it wasn't until a friend of Aline got pregnant that they got to talk to each other. Aline had a friend who got pregnant, and her appearance-loving parents tried to convince her to abort the baby. It was this family who hired Mirosleva as a maid to clean her house, and for some reason, she ended up talking about her baby to the parents of this girl. That's why they decide to give up their idea of abort and support their daughter with her baby. In the end, Mirosleva meets with Aline in the hospital and they talk to each other.

Although the plot of the story wasn't bad, I can't say that I liked it. I can't deny that the message it contains is positive, but in many parts of it, it had too many Christian messages, and as far as I know, at least 3 of my classmates don't share our beliefs in religion. Also, although it might sound cruel, I believe that if those girls got pregnant it was because of their own fault, because everyone they asked said they shouldn't have sex, and they had seen the consequences of that in a classmate, but they did it. This movie is good only for educational purposes at schools, because it is not that interesting. (Also, the sound effects were a bit weird: every time someone was slapped in the face, a sound of a punch was heard! hahaha).