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sábado, noviembre 20, 2004

Ecuador vs. Brazil + Confirmation

On Wednesday afternoon, Ecuador played soccer against Brazil. Bad for me, I missed the match, because I was still on my way home, and when I arrived, the match was already about to end. However, I know the result, and I'm very proud of it. Ecuador won 1-0 against Brazil! It was almost incredible, because the world champions were defeated by Ecuador! Although I wasn't watching the match, I knew immediately that we had won because everyone was cheering and celebrating on the streets.

Thursday was just like any other day. We had normal classes, and we had normal homework and everyone was apparently normal.

Friday was a more interesting day. Our school day was pretty much the same, except for the fact that we didn't have Maths homework, and that I didn't have my Biology notebook with me because a friend of mine had borrowed it (Christian), and didn't come to classes that day. Luckily, Herr Mischler didn't pick up them to correct them, otherwise, heads would have rolled :(

That evening, it was also the Confirmation of a lot of people I know, among them there was Benjamin, my teammate in robotic classes, María Cristina, a classmate, and Tania, you already know her from my previous posts. So, after arriving home at 17:30, I had to get ready to go to the mass. I had to take a shower, and then wait for the taxi to arrive, and then sit as long as I needed until I arrived the church; it doesn't seem that difficult, does it? The problem was, that I needed more time to pick what I would wear (because it was like a bit more formal), the taxi took like 10 additional minutes to arrive and when I finally was going, the whole city seemed to be full of traffic jams. Fortunately, I didn't arrive that late: only ten minutes after the beginning of the mass. But 10 minutes were enough time for someone else to sit where I would have sat if I hadn't arrived late, so I had to stand the whole ceremony. What made me feel a bit better, was that I wasn't the only one who had to stand, because around thirty people were standing too!

The mass ended around 21:50, and there was a get together at Tania's house, but that would be at 22:30, so we had about an hour to roam around. Me and some friends decided to go to Rio Centro and have something to eat before going to Tania's house, but no one could take us there, so we had to walk. If we hadn't been walking together, I would have never made that walk; the road wasn't that well lighted, and the distance was quite long, but we made it. Michael and I bought a familiar pizza + 4 sodas at USD 7.99, and after finishing it, we weren't sure if we could walk to the small party. Pablo, Michael and me hanged around until it was time to go (22:00), and we met a lot of other people who were also going or were just sitting around. Mauricio eventually joined us in our walk to Tania's place.

The party was good! A lot of people went, and "Peor es Nada", a music group of a friend of mine, performed there. Sadly, I had to leave early (00:30), because I had to get up early on Saturday, but I enjoyed it a lot.