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lunes, noviembre 22, 2004

The Influence of Music in our lives...

Today, it was a strange day; I woke up and went to school as usual. Even the first hour seemed as if it were normal: we had Spanish and I fought against my sleepiness. Everything showed that today, it would be just another day in the calendar... but it wasn't.

María Teresa was relay weak because she had probably taken too many of those anti-depression pills (actually, they were to regulate the lithium levels in your body). The whole first hour she was like falling asleep, and during then she went to the medical department for the second hour and stayed there. During the break I went to find out how she was, and I discovered that she was crying. By the end of the break she had already been taken home by her mother.

Then, I kept walking around, and just before the German class, our Spanish teacher told us our teacher, Herr Barsch, had birthday, which meant we would spend, at least, 10 minutes in singing the happy birthday song in as many languages we could.

Today we received our Maths exams, and they weren't really good. Our class' average was around 10 (out of 20), and most of us had less than 12 points (which is the minimum required to make it). However, I didn't do that bad (I got a relatively good mark).

In the second break, I went to the medical department again, because today we would receive the second dose of the vaccine against hepatitis. It didn't really hurt that much, but I have never liked needles, so I had to fear them this time too. Another friend of mine was also receiving this vaccine (Miriam), and she asked a hand to calm down. She actually needed a hand to grab on while she received this injection. Well, it seems she is quite strong because she managed to leave some not-so-cool fingernail marks on my hand (ouch! hahaha).

Then, I walked on waiting for next class to start. I saw Tania with some of her friends, and she was crying. I couldn't find out more about the topic, because every time I wanted to ask her, something would happen.

In the afternoon, we had Civics and Ethics Education again. Today's topic was "The Influence of Music in our lives" or something similar. They brought a guy who gave out chocolates to the people to participated, two other guys who had been badly influenced by music and a jazz musician.

One of the guys who had been negatively influenced by music said to have been a very good student and to have been very good at sports when he was like 13 years old or so, but then, he began listening to "aggressive music" like Iron Maiden, Megadeth, etc. and some other heavy and metal bands. He said that he from that point, he began to be aggressive and violent against the people he knew and eventually quitted sports, changed schools several times and started taking drugs. Well, he said that at the peak of his experience, he would lie in bed and not be able to sleep because "demons" were in his head. He also told us, that one night he had taken down the posters of these bands he had on the walls of his room, which were supposedly ordered in some special way only he knew, but next morning, he found them all again on the walls, but hanging upside down. The point is that then, he took the good path and turned to the light side of the force.

The story of the other guy was more or less the same, except that he didn't began to take drugs or be aggressive, but turned into some kind of sexaholic. He also said he had attended some part satanic sessions only because of the music. Weird, isn't it? Personally, I didn't like their stories really much, because they added too much stuff about religion and god in their speeches and also their stories were a bit hard to believe (posters that know how to return to their places, no thanks). What would have happened if someone had some religion other than catholic? (Actually, there are some students who are not catholic)

To summarize what the meeting was about, I'll write this:
You have to pay attention to the lyrics of the song you listen to, because what the music industry wants you to do, is to buy, and they'll do anything to achieve this, even if that means turning you into a satanic, drug addicted, freak.


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