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lunes, noviembre 15, 2004

Monday again...

Today it's Monday, the beginning of another week. Our school day was more or less the same, and classes were almost normal. We began with a reading comprehension in Spanish. We were supposed to read some stories from Gabriel García Marquez (by the way, his stories are like a bit abstract) and today we had to prove that we actually read them. It was a five question test, and we were allowed to use our books, so it shouldn't have been very difficult, but if we consider that the questions were made by our extremely deadly Herr Mata, doing this test was something close to suicide. However, it seems that this time he was in a good mood, because apparently everyone has answered all the questions.

History classes weren't that interesting as usual, but today we received more work to do. Now we have to do an investigation about woman and children abuse during wars and also an essay about the differences between political parties in our country, but all this in like two weeks.

In German class we kept watching "Der Klub der Toten Dichter" (Dead Poet's Society). A lot of us don't understand a word from what they say, but we have to watch it anyways. Maths class was a review for tomorrow's exam, and in Computers class we went on with database creation.

Last hour was originally English class, but instead, we had a conference about what has happened lately at our school. All 10th classes had to attend and when everyone had settled, Herr Richter (the principal) spoke almost the whole hour about what has happened the last months at school and explained us what has been made and why. Personally, this explanation answer most of my doubts, but I think it should have been given a bit earlier. I mean, "Z" left school like a month ago and all this time no one said something official about what was happening. I'll try to make a summary of what Herr Richter said in the meeting.

First, he told us all to put our t-shirts in our jeans (the bottom part, in Spanish: "ponerse la camiseta por dentro"). Then he began with something about the problems that are in today's society. He said that our generation and society was the first in which young people (teenagers) took drugs that were only for high persons in the past, like in the old civilizations, where only the leaders or priests took low amounts of drug to be stimulated. Then he said that the students that have left school have only been suspended, otherwise they would be in worse conditions. The possibility of their return has been left open, and they will be able to join us again if our attitude towards this topic change and if the society in our school changes to a healthier one. He proposed that the school could be open on nights and weekends so that students were able to use the sport court, library, swimming pool or mechanic workshop; just like in Germany. I think this idea is a very good one, because there are moments when there is nothing to do, and young people tend to try the dark side of the force in an attempt to fight their boredom.

Herr Richter also said that some of them had admitted having done this stuff, although I still see the possibility that "Z" might not have been one of them.

That was what happened in the "normal" class day.

In the afternoon we had "Civics and Ethics education" again. This time they split us into two groups: men and women. We were sent to different rooms, and there they explained that they did this so that we were free to talk about things we wouldn't be able to talk about in front of women, and the same with the girls. We talked about the pros and cons of having sex and so on. Something about STDs was also said, and they showed us a shocking photograph of a person with a STD. Then they said about this things we like (sex, porn, cigarettes, alcohol) being addictive and then they said how this things could mess our future live: unhappy marriages, diseases, etc. This conferences we have are always interesting, because of this guy who explains this stuff to us. The only bad thing about them, is that they are in the afternoon, so we don't have pretty much time to do our stuff. However, we left about half an hour earlier than the girls, so me and a few friends decided to play "Magic". All the boys agreed, that in the other room the girls might be saying bad things about us, like saying all boys were beasts and pervs. Well, that might or might not have happened; only they know.