My Story

domingo, noviembre 14, 2004

New History teacher and a surprise Biology test... what a week!

This Wednesday, after an apparently normal school day, we received a new History teacher. Our German teacher (Herr Barsch aka "Chuleta!" or "Herr Balls" or "Hey Kinder, mach kein Quatsch!"), who was our former History teacher, had already told us on Tuesday that we would have this new guy, Herr Holz, as our new History Teacher. The strange thing about this is that he is still going to be our German teacher.

So on Wednesday, we decided to welcome him in a way he would not forget, if you know what I mean (muahahaha). Before his arrival, we were all playing with talcum powder: our true intention was to make the floor slippery, so that when Herr Holz came in, he would slip and fall. He didn't slip when he came in, instead, he saw us in the middle of a talcum war. Many of us were throwing talcum at each other, aiming at the head and the hair. Holz stared at us and looked at the action for a few seconds, then he pointed at two of my classmates and told them to go with him. They were obviously very frightened with the idea of having a little talk with Miss Letty (the principal), but only one of them actually went (Juanse). We all imagined that he would be being told off or something similar, when he showed up with Herr Holz carrying some History books. It was very funny to imagine how scared he must have been, because the direction is in the same way of the library.

The class started with a quiz about how the countries were left after the Second World War. We didn't have a clue of what we had to answer, but after some time and with a bit help, we managed to answer all the questions, however it wouldn't have a note. Then we were asked to read some text in the book. It was very funny, because everyone did as if they couldn’t understand or read German properly or as if they were dumb or retarded. What made it even funnier was that Herr Holz asked someone different to read every four or five lines, and that would go on and on.

When Holz was about to tell off a friend of mine because of talking in class, the “sweet and lovely” Gisella (I was being sarcastic, just in case) said “Das is Luis, der schwarzer Mann”, which translated to English would be something like “That’s Luis, the black man”. Holz stared at Gisella for a moment, asked her name and then wrote down something in his notebook. Then he said something about not tolerating any racist comments in his class, and Gisella fought back saying that that was the way she called him and that Luis was her good friend. That was really funny because Holz seemed really pissed off with Gisellas imprudent comment.

Next class was German (with Herr Barsch!), and Herr Holz hurried to tell him about what had happened. He was said something like “there was a girl who had an improper behaviour, she said nonsense” and Herr Barsh finished his statement with “Ja, die Gisella” (“Yes, Gisella”), which only proves that Gisella is already known for her improper behaviour (HAHAHA). After that little funny moment, we went to another classroom to watch the movie "Der Klub der toten Dichter" (It's English title is "Dead Poet's Society"), which is about Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) , a new English teacher who makes his classes more interesting by using new methods, and his students, but mainly about his students. They find out that their English teacher was a former student from the school they were now at, and they ask him about the "Dead Poet's Society" he belonged to, and so, they make their own society. The film seems to be interesting: although it is from 1989 (the year I was born!) it has won awards and a lot of people like this movie. However, we won't be able to understand and enjoy the movie as much as we would have if it were in English (yes, we are watching the film in German!).

Both Wednesday and Thursday were days to act our monologues. My turn was on Friday.
On Thursday I was also told that two other students had to leave school. The unlucky guys were Carlos del Salto and Mathias Baez from the 9th grade. I was told that they had to go for the same reasons like "Z". Well, who knows.

Friday wasn’t a really good day. Another student, Pablo Villacres had to leave, and I guess that for the same reasons.

I also had to act my monologue on Friday. Although our monologue was the best among the ones we saw, we our English and Biology classes were a catastrophe. In English, Miss Marcia got mad at us because of not paying attention and sent us a lot of homework, but the worst of all was that I ended up like the bad guy. In Biology, Herr Mischler decided to give us a surprise Biology test, which was a massacre. I did my best to answer all the questions, but I know that they are not absolutely right.

On Friday it was also Oswaldo’s birthday, and he had organized some kind of Lan-Party, but I wasn’t able to go because I had some activities at school and because I just couldn’t :(