My Story

sábado, noviembre 27, 2004

We are now 15!

This week has been a bit weird, well, not exactly weird, but a bit strange.
Everything was really good on Tuesday and on Wednesday. On Tuesday, we missed Physics class because our teacher hadn't come. Wednesdays have always been nice days, and this one was even greater. In sports class, we had some kind of "exam": we had to run 9 times around the sports field, which is more or less 3 kms, and we weren't supposed to stop. All these in no more than 16 minutes to get full points; tireding, isn't it?

Well, I'm proud to say that I'm not that bad at sports, so I made it in second place and got my 20 points. Then, we went to the schools coliseum (it's a big hall with a synthetic sport field) to supposedly, play volleyball, but instead, we asked permission to do some rope climbing. We pulled down some ropes and practically played with them, because only a few were actually climbing them, the others were just swinging or playing Tarzan (hahaha). Then, some of us wanted to play soccer. We would have done so if most of us weren't so tired of the exam we just had. But it was still to soon for us to go, so me and some other classmates took a dive in the swimming pool, which was perfect for the occasion.

We also had a Biology exam (I got it back on Friday, and it was a good mark!) and had History in German with Herr Holz again. This time, it was quite different, because I had to make an exposition. After it, we began with the same crap from last class again: some were playing the dumb kids, and others wouldn't stop talking; it was really funny. The best of all was when he asked for a sitting plan of the class, and Pablo made a fake one with stupid names and that kind of stuff. He didn't really use it, because the class ended very soon, and Pablo took back the sheet and said something about having made a mistake (Well, it was enough just one class, and anyways, we would only have 3 more of these History classes!) and promised making a new one.

In German class, we finished watching the film "Lola rennt" (Lola runs), which we started watching on Monday. It was about a young woman, whose boy friend named Manni was some kind of drug dealer or so, and he lost a bag with 100 000 Deutsche Mark (the currency Germany used to use) so she had to help him. She imagines what happens twice before she actually does it, and every time she imagines what will happen, it's different. In the end, she manages to bring the money to Manni, but he already found the beggar who had taken the money he had to deliver. This movie was really interesting compared with "Dead Poet's Society", and I can say I liked it. If you want to watch it, I have heard that it is being shown in Cinemax.

Thursday was an absolutely weird day. We normally had Physics in the first hour, but again, we didn't have that class. A substitute teacher took us to our class and let us do whatever we wanted, but in silence. It was then, when our classmate Gisella came in crying to take her stuff, because she had to leave school. Right after that, Elena, another friend of mine, was called to the Principal's office. Both of them had to leave school.

This year, we started our class with 20 students. 20, that's a good number; it's easy to split into groups, it is supposed to be easy to handle, and it is supposed to be balanced. But since the beginning of this year, we have lost, in average, half student each month because now we are only 15. First, a friend of mine moved to Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates), then Raul changed classes (He's now in the 10B). Not long ago, Andres had to leave and now we have two less. At this point, we will finish this school year with 14 students...

Friday was the last school day of the 12th classes, and they played a soccer match against the 11th classes, so we were taken to watch the match. Apart from that, the rest of the day was as ordinary as every other Friday.