My Story

domingo, noviembre 21, 2004

Weekend Post

Another week has gone away and a new one is about to start.
Although I didn’t go anywhere with my friends this weekend, I had a great time.

On Saturday, after having slept only a few hours because of the small party at Tania’s house, I had to wake up early to make it on time to some classes I have. In the afternoon, I went to buy a new pair of leather shoes, because the old ones I had were damaged. They actually began to fall into pieces on Friday night, during the party and the walks to Rio Centro; by the end of the night, I was lucky to have something to stand on.

I also bought more ink for my fountain pen and found out that there were a lot of accessories I could buy for it, but I don’t think I will buy any of them.

Today I also had to wake up early (6:45 a.m): I had to go to the Vicente Rocafuerte high school, because it was the ceremony in which the best students from each school are awarded with a medal from the “Sociedad Filantrópica del Guayas”. This is my first time there and I hope it is not the last time too. The event started at 8:00, and although I tried to make everyone wake up early so that we would arrive on time, we showed up like ten minutes late. However, we didn’t miss anything, since during the first thirty minutes or so, small kids and students from public schools received their medals.

After around 45 minutes, I received my medal, and then we went to the Oro Verde Hotel for breakfast. Then we headed home to plan how the rest of our day would be.

I wanted to watch “White Chicks” so we went to the cinema right away for the last vermouth show. It was a very funny movie, and we all enjoyed it very much. I kept roaming around the rest of the afternoon, and I also bought some other things I needed, and when there was nothing left to do, I went back home.