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domingo, diciembre 12, 2004

The Incredibles

Today I went to watch "The Incredibles" at the Riocentro Entre Rios, where I don't usually go because it's not that close to me, but since we had to drop my sister at a friend of hers, we went there. The movie is about a family of superheroes that has to hide because of the rejection of the rest of the civilization. This was so because some time ago, there had been trouble with some of them, so superheroes had to retire, hide and live like normal people.

Bob Parr (Mr. Incredible) is the head of the family and is a big guy, but ironically, he has to drive in a car so small that he hardly fits in, and works in a tiny cubicle. His wife, Helen (Elastigirl), is also a retired superheroin, and is in charge of the kids Violet, Dashiell (Dash) and Jack-Jack, who all have superpowers as well. Violet, who is 14 years old, can turn invisible at will and can generate a force field, Dash, who is 12, has super speed and Jack-Jack, who is still a baby, change the composition and density of his body, and turn into some kind of red gremlin, but he doesn't show any sign of having super powers until the end of the film, where he escapes from the villian with his super abilities. Another character in the movie is Frozone, known in the normal world as Lucius, he is a friend of the family, and has the ability of making ice from the water in his body or the moisture in the air.

The movie begins with our hero, Mr. Incredible, who has to stop some criminals from escaping. When he is about to reach the exact place where he will be able to catch them, and old lady asks him to take her kitten down from a tree. The cat refused to come back to ground, even when Mr. Incredible pulled the tree out of the ground and strongly shoke it, hoping that it would fall. In the end he manages to make the cat come down, and with the same tree he pulled out, he stops the car where the criminals attempted to escape. When he goes back to his super car, he finds a kid who said to be his sidekik "Incrediboy". Our hero obviously rejected his help, and told the insistent boy, whose name was Buddy, to go home. He had to eject him from his car and leave quickly, as another crime was being commited.

Mr. Incredible met Elastigirl when he was fighting a thief on a rooftop. Elastigirl knocked out the robber before Mr. Incredible could, and that is how they got to know each other. Our hero also saves a man who wanted to commit suicide, and at the same time, he catches Bomb Voyage, a french criminal, red handed, as he tried to steal a bank. Incrediboy appears again in the worse moment and gets into trouble when Bomb Voyage sticks a bomb to his cape. Mr. Incredible saves him by taking the bomb off, but that bomb blows up part of the path the monorail was supposed to go past. Then, he manages to stop the vehicle from falling just by a few inches. He gets married with Elastigirl, and not long afterwards, we get to know that Super Heroes are being accused of helping people without their permission (like the man who tried to kill himself, or the passengers of the train, who ended up with their necks broken). Super heroes were banned, and they had to live as normal citizens.

Fifteen years after that incident, Mr. Incredible, now Bob Parr lives in a house with his family. He works for an insurance company, and after having lost his work he receives a misterious offer from Mirage, someone who claims to not exist officially, as Bob Parr does. He is offered a high ammount of money for fighting Omnibot, a robot who is supposed to be destroying the island it was created on because of some malfunction. Mr. Incredible achives this without much trouble, just with a scratch on his suit.

After returning to civlization, he has his suit mended by Edna Mode, the Superhero suit maker, who also takes the freedom to create a new suit for him (without cape, of course, because they are dangerous). Next time Bob Parr leaves his apparently normal live to become a Super Hero again, Syndrome, the former Incrediboy Mr. Incredible rejected, set him a trap. He had became really rich, and had inventing things that would give him the abbilities he didn't have. It was him who created the robot, and he was using Mr. Incredible to test it and improve it. Omnibot was supposed to kill Mr. Incredible, but he managed to hide behind the corpse of an ex-Superhero who had also died in the trap of Syndrome.

Then, Mr. Incredible gets into the base of Syndrome, and discovers that a lot of disappeared Superheroes had been killed by this robot, and finds out that Syndrome plans to send this machine to the civilization, and then stop it and become the hero, because there won't be any other superhero that will be able to do so.

Meanwhile, Helen goes to Edna, and gets informed, that she had already designed suits for the whole family to fit all their needs. Then, Elastigirl, Violet and Dash go to the island to save Mr. Incredible. Eventhough they fought hardly, Syndrome managed to send the robot to the city, but they worked together as a team and destroyed the robot with it's own claw.

Syndrome, with his robot defeated, decides to take Jack-Jack with him, but when he is about to leave in his plane, the baby displays all his powers and indirectly kills him, as he is sucked into the turbine of his own jet because of his cape!

After that, superheroes are reintegrated to society, Dash is allowed to participate in sports again, and Violet looses her shyness.

I personally really liked the movie, for it was funny and it had enough action (even though it was all computer generated). I also dare to say, that Helen, Violet and Mirage were umm... "cute". Well, if you think it's wrong to believe that computer generated characters are cute is wrong, in these message boars you will read about people who are in love with these characters (hahaha):
"Violet - totally hot!!"

Some people believe that the way the villian dies in the film (although you don't see pain nor blood) is a bit... like uncommon, but I think it was ok. I liked this movie a lot and I really recommend you to watch this movie, you are really going to enjoy it!