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lunes, diciembre 06, 2004

The Video of "I'm not OK (I Promise)" by My Chemical Romance

"You like DnD, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini and Croquet. You can't swim, you can't dance and you don't know karate. Face it, you are never gonna make it."

"I don't wanna make it, I just wanna..."

If you ever felt... Alone
If you ever felt... Rejected
If you ever felt confused
If you ever felt lost
If you ever felt anxious
If you ever felt wrong
If you ever felt wrong...ed
If you ever felt unclean
If you ever felt angry
If you ever felt ashamed
If you ever felt curious

"You know, you've got something in your eye"

If you ever felt... Used
Be prepared to feel... Revenge
Feel the Romance
My Brutal Romance
My Beautiful Romance
My Miserable Romance
My X-Rated Romance
My Harlequin Romance
My Innocent Romance

My Scandalous Romance
My Selfish Romance
My Pathetic Romance
My Childish Romance
My Watercooler Romance

My Chemical Romance


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