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sábado, enero 08, 2005

"The Terminal"

Ok, so I'm writing again in English before I forget this language...

Yesterday, after a terrible school week in which we had to make an exposition for "Comercio" and wasted a lot of time doing nothing, I had the opportunity of meeting up with some friends and enjoying a movie. First we had some of the DVD of Kill Bill vol. 1 and then we went to watch "The Terminal". We made it there just on time, and lucky for us there weren't too many people, so we had relatively good seats (after watching "50 First Dates" I had some neck-ache). The movie was about Viktor Navorski, a traveler from the fictional country of Krakozhia, who flies to New York to fulfill a promise he had made to his father. Once he arrives there, he finds out America is "closed" to him, because while he was flying, his country went through a revolution, so he was a citizen from nowhere.

So, he is allowed to stay inside the terminal and is abandoned without knowledge of what had happened and without being able to communicate, since he couldn't speak English except for a few basic phrases he had written and some words. He had fallen in a gap of the system, and was promised help, but that was never really given by Frank Dixon, the security chief of the airport. He lost his food coupons, and while starving, he finds out he gets quarters for returning the baggage carts, and so he is able to buy at Burger King. As soon as Dixon knew about that, he had someone do that, so that Viktor wouldn't have his income source anymore and would run away, making himself someone else's problem. He even shows him how to exit the airport, but Viktor remains inside hoping for a honest solution to come, so he makes himself a small bedroom in one of the empty part of the building.

He gets to know some of the airport's employees, including Enrique Cruz, who drives the food to the planes, agent Torres, who is in charge of the paperwork for getting visas and Gupta, an Indian immigrant who is afraid of being deported to his country (where he murdered a policeman >_<) and loves seeing people slip and fall by the "wet floor" signs, and gets help from all of them at some point of the movie. When he could no longer get the quarters, Enrique offered him food in exchange of information about agent Torres, and they eventually get married. He was also hired by the construction company in charge of the building when they saw him do a great job on one wall, and earned USD 19 per hour; more than Dixon's salary. Navorski wins the heart of the employees in the terminal after he confronted Dixon and helped Milodragovich, a russian immigrant, legally "smuggle" medicine for his dying father.

Viktor, while roaming around in the terminal, got to know Amelia, a flight attendant he falls in love with, and after some time, she is asked out for dinner, in no less than on an empty balcony of the airport. I really laughed my head off at this part, because all of Viktor's friends were helping him as waiters, receptionists and cooks, and Gupta plays a juggler to entertain the couple, while Enrique almost spills the wine and drops the napkin on Navorski, as he was very nervous.

By the end of the film, he gets to know that war in Krakozhia was over, but just then Dixon gets a higher position, and obligates Viktor to leave "Dixon's" airport and return to his homeland. Gupta decides to act, and stands in the middle of the way of the plane which would take Viktor back, causing a delay. Navorski decides then to leave the airport and accomplish what he had promised: collect the autograph of the last jazz artist his father didn't have. On his way out, lots of the airport workers escort him out, handing him presents and things "he might need", but between he and the door stood a line of airport guards, but instead of taking him back to the plane, the head officer gives him his coat and wishes him good luck, all these while Dixon watched from the cctv both astonished and angry, but he finally resigns and lets him go, and Viktor finally takes the last paper and puts it in the can.

Although this movie was a bit too long (about 2 hours or more), I can say I liked it. It was interesting to see how Tom Hanks played the role of this character, and the whole story was funny too.