My Story

jueves, enero 13, 2005


I probably haven't posted it before, but some time ago, my class (to be more precise) decided to take and hide our "Klassenbuch" because some student's had done too many stupid things and the "Klassenbuch" keeps records of all these stuff. So, they just took it and hid left it on the ceiling (yes they did) and as it was supposed to, there was some trouble because we had "lost" this very important record, but after some time, it seems that they realized they wouldn't be able to make us return it, so photocopies were make so that teachers had something to write on and at some point, some other student took it from the ceiling and brought it home.

Everything was running smoothly until today. Since our German teacher would return to Germany this year, the people behind this decided to wrap it and give it back as a "gift", so it was taken back to school, because another classmate would take it to wrap it, but before, they decided they would write and draw in it. Up to that moment, there hadn't been any trouble; no one had noticed this missing book back in school, and no teacher really cared about it, but this didn't last long. In today's last hour (Maths), after it was passed around for everyone to sign it, it was left on a table. Then, some classmate of mine said in a relative loud voice: "You guys pass it around as if it didn't matter", and at that moment, the whole thing collapsed; our school-loving teacher saw it, took it, read it briefly, and then said something about we being in trouble, and she of course kept it.

The bell rang, and everyone walked out of the class, both upset and fearful. Considering everything our class has done this year, what happened some hours ago would be the cherry lying on top, and anything could happen to us.

Well, I'm just hoping nothing really bad happens... tomorrow it will be our last school day, and listening to some heads rolling wouldn't be really nice.