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sábado, marzo 18, 2006

Missed the train...

Remember the train we were supposed to catch right after my post? Well, we missed it.

Yeah, it just drove away right in front of my astonished and frustrated face. Well, it wasn't that bad afterall: we only lost our 40 Euros reservation (each of us) and around 8 hours... >_<

We made it to Paris afterall, and despite everything was extremely expensive, I can say our stay in Paris was really good. The best of Paris was the fact that we didn't have to pay many of the museums there: as we are still under 18 years old, we got free access to the Louvre, the Orsay and the Museum of Rodin, and I think there are still some other places in Paris where being underaged is a benefit.
I still have to make a mega post with the complete details on all the cities (because I'm running out of time... again). Anyways, right now we are in Amsterdam, but all of us are so tired, that we hardly have energy to get up and have breakfast and roam around a little.
Á la prochain!