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viernes, marzo 23, 2007

Big city life... in Beijing

It will be soon three weeks since I arrived in Beijing, and I've only got one thing to say: life is different (and hard!).

So, what has been happening everyday since I wake up is pretty much like this: Wake up (still tired), look at the clock, think to myself "Holy mother and father of Jesus" after seeing the time -usually 7.03 or something-, eat breakfast while getting dressed and checking the weather forecast online, run down to catch the shuttle that leaves at 7.30, attend classes for six hours with two lunch break hours, finish at 16.00 half dead, then either go to the gym and work out or go home and eat and sleep.

Yeah, yeah, yeah my dear friends... to me, life is hard over here (have to take care of the laundry, the dinner, the homework, etc...), and different. Why? Let's have a look at what makes life so different here:

Exactly! Since I'm here to learn the language, I have been put in an environment where I have to read, write and speak, and eat, play and sleep in Chinese. Believe me, it's hard.

All traffic signs are seem to be just suggestions
In these three weeks I have seen people invading bike and even opposite direction lanes, people crossing in the wrong places, cars crossing in the wrong places, stopping at the wrong places...

Public transportation is really, really, really crowded
You remember how sardines look like when you open the cans? Well, that's exactly how people look like inside the buses and the subway. -Expect a photograph in the next edition!-

Internet Censorship
With all the above, I'm still fine. I mean, I don't really care if I need to squeeze into a bus, cross the road while risking my life or use signs and drawings within my sentences, (or if it is like inhaling directly from an exhaust pipe when you breathe here), but why did they have to ban websites? Even the harmless ones!!!
I haven't been able to check my Ogame forum, nor research about stuff on Wikipedia, nor watch funny videos from websites, and now I can't even read blogs!! (I won't be able to read what I'm writing right now on my blogs page)

Well, that's all I have to say for now.

'Til next time!