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miércoles, diciembre 05, 2007

The Golden Compass

Today we went to the movies to see The Golden Compass (or should I say "Der Goldene Kompass" since we watched it in German?).

This movie, released by New Line Cinema and starring Daniel Craig (remember Casino Royale?), Nicole Kidman and Dakota Blue Richards, tells us about Lyra Belacqua (Richards) a girl in some parallel universe, who begins a huge quest (so far) to save his kidnapped friend, not before receiving an Alethiometer, a golden artifact that can show you the truth. All these in the company of her dæmon, a fraction of her soul who takes the form of an animal and that people normally have in this world.

As the starting point for her journey, Lyra will encounter Marisa Coulter (Kidman) a mysterious and important member of the Magisterium, an organization that "tells people what they should do". She will also discover a few more things about her uncle Lord Asriel, a researcher who has made a valuable discovery about the "dust", an elementary particle which cannot be seen by people without special devices and that plays an important (maybe unknown) role in their universe.

Based on the first book "Northern Lights"(UK edition) / "The Golden Compass" of the "His Dark Material" series by author Philip Pullman, this adaptation for the big screen is quite good. The trailers and posters of the movie give you a Nariaish idea of the film (I haven't seen Narnia... not that interested in it), but I must say that I enjoyed the movie, although it leaves an uneasy "this is not finished" taste in your mouth, since this is supposed to be part of a trilogy.

The plot itself is OK, although I didn't really empathize with the protagonist, since she kept getting herself into avoidable trouble (but well, without that there would have been no story to tell, right?).

Anyways, if you decide to watch this movie, I'm pretty sure you will like it (or at least not dislike it too). I liked it, even though I watched it in German (and therefore had to wiki all the stuff I didn't understand afterwards).
I only the announcements they show at the beginning weren't that long (almost half an hour!) and that it wasn't so expensive here... I had to pay almost double as much as what it would have taken back at home.

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