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domingo, marzo 16, 2008

Back on my way

After an ice cream, some chocolate, a good night sleep and a few movies, I think I'm over yesterday's huge disappointment.

Now that I think about it, I was mostly sad about the whole MIT thing because, besides working hard on the whole application stuff, I also tried hard to convince myself that it is nice there, mainly to eclipse out all the negative stuff I've been hearing from the States lately.

I read a lot about campus life, the courses and activities and the cool people there, and I guess this one last thing was what captured me the most: finally finding more people that share my interest, maybe also my keenness on a well done job and my other crazy hobbies, and most important, that are my age. (Somehow, when I've looked for the first two I find myself hanging around people at least two or three years older than me) (So, basically some other nerdy-geeky but sort of sporty and overall cool, nice and open people.)
After reading the Blogs and the info on the Admissions Portal, I saw so much of what I was looking for in MIT, that I ended up in love with the place, and I guess that is why my heart broke so badly.

If I was able to do this in order to cope with the stuff I didn't like, to reverse the process and put my feet back where I am right now, I'll have to go over all the nice things I'll have if I stay here in Karlsruhe, so here it goes:

First, I'll be going to one of the top universities here in Germany, which will receive more government and private funds for research now that it's merged with the local "Forschugszentrum" (Research Center).

Second, I really like the apartment I live in right now; my flatmates have been nice and the place is well equipped (plus, I got my furniture for free). I also have a nice back-garden/yard where we'll be able to barbecue in the summer and I live really close to a park where they have this nice music festival in the summer too.

Third, some of my school friends are here too, and it's good to see a known, friendly face regularly. I also have a lot of acquaintances and friends all over Germany, which I'll be able to visit easily.

Fourth, Staying here will allow me to continue with my current Aikido group, and I'll be able to keep helping one of our trainers with the children's training.

Fifth, I'll be able to apply (and hopefully be hired) to be a guide in the PAD program for international students, in which I participated almost three years ago (see August 2005). Oh, and I'll be earning in Euros, and the currency is getting stronger vs. US dollars.

Sixth, If everything goes as expected, I will attempt to run my first half marathon in September.

Seventh, I'll be really close to a lot of cool cities here in Europe, and I'll be able to enjoy nice real, "slow" food, nice cheese (which I love so much), nice chocolate, nice wines and nice German beer, and all that stuff I wouldn't be able to find as easy as here if I was in the U.S.

I guess that's a lot of good things I've found here already, and it certainly is enough to make me feel better about not going to MIT.

Now, if I had been a third party observer with no interest whatsoever in my current situation, and I were to give myself advice or opinion, I'd probably add something like: "Yeah, and all you'll need to completely keep your mind in this place and stop wondering about going somewhere else, is find a girlfriend here."

I could be right about that one. ^_^

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