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sábado, marzo 15, 2008


As some of you might know, last year I began considering some universities in the States to continue my education (although most of the paperwork for Germany had already been completed by then), and I chose to apply to Caltech and MIT. I wasn't really interested in going to a university in the United States; although at some point during high school I only thought about becoming and MIT student, the way the whole USA political situation has developed, really turned my interest away, and in the last years of school I began to picture myself doing my university studies in Germany. However, when my parents encouraged me to also apply for institutions in the States, I went through the whole process with enthusiasm.

So, after taking SATs, the TOEFL exam, filling a lot of papers, and writing an essay, the whole thing was completed and going, and after waiting a few months, the result comes like a bucket of cold water in my face: rejected (or the more elegant way: "not admitted")...

Damn yeah. There's actually so much going through my head right now, that I don't know how to put it in words; it's like a part of me is glad to be able to follow the "original plan" that included summer holiday jobs and cool stuff like that here in Europe, and another part of me feels greatly disappointed, because it feels like the effort just wasn't enough, that I screwed too much in the SATs up, that... well... that it all doesn't match what I expected to happen. And while my head tells me to just get over it and forget it, my heart still hopes for some kind of electronic mistake, and that the letter that arrives home comes with some better news instead.

Anyways... the universe unfolds the way it should, that's what I always say. Maybe I should apply for a transfer after a few semesters...

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