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martes, julio 29, 2008

Epic Fail!

Yesterday's "Arrroz con Pollo" went pretty well (that's not the epic fail this post is about).

Todays Epic Fail was the song I was supposed to play on the piano at the "farewell party" at the Studienkolleg, in which prizes were given to the best students and people gave speeches and stuff like that. Musical interventions are (like always) part of the program, and among one of those was ours: Hey Jude (The Beatles) by me (piano) and a friend of mine (guitar), and another friend of mine (voice).

We have actually been working on this song for quite some time, rehearsing and practicing a lot in these last days. Even today, before the event, we had our last "runs", but well, in the end it didn't go quite as we expected: when our time came, I sat down at the piano and panicked... I played like the first 10 notes or so, and then my hands were out of my control. I knew exactly which keys to press, but my hands just wouldn't follow my commands... Anyways, the whole song thing didn't turn out that badly; almost everyone sang along had it was quite fun, I'd say.

And yes... that was today's Epic Fail (and let's hope this one is the biggest one that will ever happen to me!)

So, now I'm officially on vacations... I still have stuff to do these next days, but it will all be stress free... :D

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domingo, julio 27, 2008

Now that I've got my life back...

I'm finally going to post again.

Last weeks (or should I say months), have been busy ones over here: with all the exams and side projects and stuff like that I hardly had any time for the stuff I used to do a lot (like writing). Luckily, all the stress is over now, and I shall be able to enjoy my well earned vacations and relax (and fly home for a few weeks).

I don't have much more to post right now, but stay tuned to find out all about the "Arroz con Pollo"1-lunch which I shall -most probably- host tomorrow, and my opinion on some other stuff... which I will figure out tomorrow... :P

1"Rice with Chicken" - latin american dish

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