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lunes, agosto 04, 2008

21 (the movie) and other random stuff

In the past days I've been trying to catch up with some movies that came out this year but didn't have the chance to watch while they were still "fresh". Today I watched "21" in the comfyness of my bed and the 2.0 sound coming from my laptop and headphones, and I must say, the movie was quite good.

For all those who just happened to have had exams by the time the movie came out, or that live in a shell for random periods of time for any kind of reason, the movie is about a team of MIT Blackjack players who go to Las Vegas on weekends to "collect" large amounts of money from the tables (as they said in the movie: they don't gamble, they follow a system with rules and make profit).

I don't want to give away the whole plot of the movie, so I'll just say that the chances any average person will like this film are quite high.

Moving to a slightly another topic, and thinking about my then MIT application now that I have watched this movie, I think I might have found what my papers were short of, and this would be the "dazzling" part they mentioned in the movie. Not that my credentials were bad (they were actually quite good), but I think that aside the nice grades and stuff like that, I just don't have experiences that are life-changing, chin-dropping or "OMGnowaystfu" enough... or at least none I can formally put down on a piece of paper.

My life, up to now, has been pretty calm -in the way that I don't wake up to find myself in some place I don't remember, or that I don't need to fight against the whole world to be able to enjoy some decent breakfast- and the high and lows are well paced. I grow up emotionally/spiritually every day, and I do let life surprise me every time I walk out the door.

Now, I'm still thinking about reapplying to MIT, but I still wonder if it will be the same; in October I'll be going through the "O-phase" (introduction days) here in the Universität Karlsruhe, I'll be meeting new people, make friends and I will be starting from the bottom and going through the college experience with them. If I eventually reapplied for any university in the States, and if the stars were aligned and I got accepted, it would mean I would have to give up my life here and start over new; if I transfered, I would be the "stranger" among people who already know each other and have gone through the thrilling first kilometer of a 10k race.
Would it be worth?

Tomorrow I shall be getting the rest of my stuff ready for my vacations at home back in Ecuador... can't wait to have a nice home meal!

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