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domingo, agosto 24, 2008

Wisdom (teeth)...

It was no news to me that my teeth were getting messed up because of my third molars (aka wisdom teeth) trying to come out. I was also aware of the fact that at some point I would need to have them extracted... and this became true last Wednesday, when I went through one of the most horrible experiences in my whole dental history

As you might now, wisdom teeth are vestigial molars that at some point had some use. Years ago, when tooth loss was common, and dental care wasn't as we know it today, wisdom teeth would replace the gap of a missing molar. Nowadays, they are pretty much useless and they can even be a problem, since there will most probably not be enough space in the jaw for them, which will cause them to grow improperly.

So that's my case, and that Wednesday I walked into the dentist's office to get them out... get all 4 of them out.

I'll just mention the highlights of the more or less 30 minutes I was on that chair:

My tears-reflex got activated with every injection I received in my gums as I was getting anesthesia.
I kept my eyes closed during most of the process, starting the moment they put the first whatever it was into my mouth.
Even though I couldn't feel any pain, I still felt the whole struggling and heard the whole drilling in there.
The lower-right one was harder to get out. I heard how they had to crush it into two pieces or so before they could get it out.
To top the whole thing, I got an antibiotic shot in the end (oh, I so hate injections).

It might not sound all that bad in this post, but I totally hated it. I have been all swollen ever since (today it finally got better); I only got to eat semi-liquid stuff during the first 2-3 days, and I still don't feel completely ok...

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